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Fendt Katana 65 – ambitious goals realised

Presented to the public for the first time in Wadenbrunn and now being operated by the first customers since the beginning of May: the Fendt Katana 65 forage harvester. The goals that the engineers in Marktoberdorf set for this new development were by all means ambitious. The first test operations and real-life experience impressively confirm that the Fendt Efficient Technology philosophy, “More from Less”, has also been successfully realised in the Fendt Katana 65 to one-hundred percent.

Ambitious goals

The first series production machines left the new plant in Hohenmölsen in Southern Saxony-Anhalt at the beginning of May, and are now being operated by the first customers. “The past few weeks, we have started proving to customers on-site that our forage harvester more than meets the high demands that Fendt typically puts on efficiency and quality. The Fendt Katana 65 Team has done outstanding work and has realised our very ambitious goals,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management.

The Fendt development team in Marktoberdorf worked intensively for four years to be able to set new standards in this segment. High throughput, optimal quality of chopped material, low fuel consumption and therefore the best cost-effectiveness, a top operator environment and maximum operational reliability were the clear objectives for the development of this important machine, which completes the Fendt harvesting line. This resulted in a forage harvester with many interesting technical details and innovative solutions that lives up to the name Katana. Katana is a Japanese samurai sword and stands for high performance, sharpness and precision. This year five machines will be manufactured; 25 units are planned for the upcoming year.

Largest chopping cylinder on the market

Six hydraulically driven feed rollers optimally compress the crop and guide it uniformly to the chopping cylinder – even with large quantities of crop material. In addition to optimising feed, the higher number of rollers enables a larger distance between the metal detector and the knife drum, which means that foreign objects are detected in time and damage is reliably prevented. To match operating requirements, the cutting length can be infinitely adjusted from 4 to 22 mm or 8 to 44 mm (with 14 knives) directly from the cab. With a 720 mm diameter, the closed chopping cylinder on the Fendt Katana 65 is currently the largest on the market and ensures a uniformly high throughput with optimal quality of the chopped material. The offset arrangement of a total of 28 knives guarantees very precise cutting and saves fuel at the same time. The automatic knife sharpening system, which is also controlled from the cab, quickly returns the hardened knives to their full sharpness.

Innovative V-disc cracker

Maize kernels are processed with a new V-disc cracker. Both of the cracker rollers mesh with each other and feature a special design that provides an especially large grinding surface, so that every kernel is efficiently cracked. Since the rollers work at almost the same rotational speed, the power requirement is lower than in previous solutions and therefore significantly reduces fuel consumption. Switching from maize to grass is easy and fast, since the cracker can be swung out electrohydraulically without requiring tools. For longer operations in grass, the cracker can be easily removed from the machine.

The blower enables a high unloading capacity with a low power requirement. The discharge chute swings 210 degrees hydraulically and has collision protection. It ensures a good view to the discharge stream and also enables quick switching from unloading on one side to the other. A discharge height of six metres ensures optimal filling of large transport vehicles.

For the header, Fendt uses the tried and tested technology from Kemper, which is offered as a factory solution. The three metre wide grass pick-up is equipped with a hydraulic fold-away sensor wheel and has active field pressure control. This enables clean pick-up of the swath, even at high speeds. The maize header, available for eight, ten or twelve rows, is controlled with feelers and has active height and lateral control, so that it always follows the contours of the ground uniformly. Headers are coupled on a swinging frame, which pivots around the middle axis of the feed intake. Crop flow is always uniform, even if the header is tilted or operating conditions are difficult.

Efficient and powerful

The Fendt Katana 65 is powered by a 650-hp 16-litre V8 engine from Mercedes, whose performance characteristics have been specially adapted to chopping operations. The engine, known on the market for its high reliability and performance, also has impressively long service intervals. For the forage harvester, Fendt also relies on fuel-saving SCR technology for compliance with emissions standard Stage 3b (Tier IV interim). Exhaust after-treatment with the urea solution AdBlue means low fuel consumption with exceptional dynamic characteristics. The large cooling system is continuously cleaned via a rotating suction spout, which ensures operating and functional security of all units, even under extreme conditions.

For operations in grass, the ECO Power mode can be enabled, which reduces engine speed from 2,000 rpm to a fuel-saving 1,600 rpm. The two-stage transmission keeps the working speed of the feeding system, the cylinder and the discharge systems constant, which maintains a uniform, high cutting frequency and therefore optimises throughput. To attain a high throughput with maximum engine utilisation in maize, a load limit control automatically adjusts the driving speed to the quantity of material being harvested.

The rear axle suspension guarantees the best ride comfort at a top speed of up to 40 km/h. Top transport speed is already attained at a fuel-saving 1,600 rpm. The hydrostatic four-wheel drive ensures that the Fendt Katana 65 drives safely, even in difficult terrain, such as on slopes. The integrated disc brakes ensure optimal safety.

The cab – generous dimensions and sophisticated ergonomics

The completely newly developed cab provides a very generous amount of space and the best all-round visibility. The large glass area gives operators an exceptional view to the feed intake area and to the entire unloading area of the discharge chute. The tried and proven armrest from the Vario tractors and the Varioterminal, very popular with users, have been adopted in the forage harvester and adapted to the operating philosophy of the forage harvester. It is not only a comfortable armrest, but also an ergonomic control unit with toggle switches and membrane keys for important functions.

The terminal, with especially adapted functions, can be operated either with the touchscreen or the keys and rotary control. The joystick, which lies well in the hand, was completely newly developed especially for the forage harvester. The conveniently placed controls on the joystick allow easy adjustment of the most important cutting functions. Plans to equip the Fendt Katana 65 with cutting-edge functions, such as VarioDoc documentation or VarioGuide automatic steering, are underway.

Excellent accessibility

Maintenance work is finished quickly, thanks to exceptional accessibility. The large side panels can be opened easily via a parallelogram linkage. The maintenance platform between the chopping unit and the engine has been very generously designed. Local Fendt dealers have specially trained technicians that provide support on par with the typical high Fendt service quality.