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700 Vario – perfection in its best form

A compact high-horsepower tractor with numerous innovations and the highest ride comfort, perfectly tailored to meet real-life requirements. That is a brief description of the new 700 Vario series, with models ranging from 200 to 240 hp. This new representative of the Fendt Efficient Technology features the completely newly developed VisioPlus cab, including the award-winning Fendt Variotronic, together with leading edge engine technology, fuel-efficient SCR technology for exhaust after-treatment and further interesting details.

Spaciousness and visibility redefined

Fendt sets new standards with the roomy VisioPlus cab found in the 700 Vario series – it redefines spaciousness and visibility. The continuous front window that reaches up into the roof significantly improves visibility. With a total of 6.1 m² of glass and no B-pillar on the right side, the 700 Vario offers the best all-round visibility for all areas of application. This provides exceptional working comfort, not only for front loader or in municipal work, but for all applications. Customers can choose between a hinged or a continuous front window to meet their specific needs. The hinged front window is delivered with a right-hand door as standard, despite the missing B-pillar. The narrow steering column guarantees the best view to the wheel arches. The integrated display, familiar from the 900 Vario series, swings along with the steering wheel when it is adjusted and provides operators with an optimal view of all the most important information, such as the indicators for ground or engine speed, at all times. The steering column is height and tilt-adjustable and allows operators to find the ergonomic position that ideally suits their requirements.

Ergonomics, and therefore the health of the operator, is also an important factor when choosing a seat. Here Fendt has expanded the selection to include another comfort seat variant. The Evolution super comfort seat meets the highest demands. It features air suspension, seat heating and low frequency suspension as well as lumbar support and special climate control. The passenger seat in the 700 Vario has also been completely newly developed and guarantees maximum safety and comfort. The back of the cushioned seat can be folded down and used as a writing support.

To meet the individual market demands in different areas of application, Fendt offers three different cab suspension systems for the new 700 Vario. In addition to the familiar suspension system (mechanical or pneumatic) found in the previous range, the three-point suspension with a central arm and air struts (front and rear) found in the 800 and 900 Vario high-horsepower tractors is now available in this power class. This guarantees ride comfort and well-being, even on long work days and under extreme conditions.

The automatic climate control, which features a CANBUS connection with fully automatic temperature control and an LCD display, ensures a pleasant climate. The new cab also has numerous stowage options, including a cooled box for food, a compartment in the cab roof for documents as well as a box under the passenger seat.


Since it was first presented about two years ago in the 800 and 900 Vario high-horsepower tractors, the Fendt Variotronic has not only impressed customers but also neutral test teams. That the electronics concept has now also been integrated in the new 700 Vario series practically explains itself. The new terminal, available in two different versions, has a user-friendly flat menu hierarchy and a practical touch screen – familiar from popular electronic devices – combined with the robustness required to withstand the operations of a field tractor. The tractor controls, ISOBUS implement control, VarioGuide automatic steering, VarioDoc documentation as well as the camera images are all united in only one terminal and can be controlled with the same unified operating logic.

Leading edge engine technology

The 700 Vario is powered by a 6.06-litre 6-cylinder Deutz engine with four valve technology and a 1600-bar common rail high-pressure injection system. A turbocharger with electronically controlled wastegate enables precise injection, outstanding dynamics and optimum performance. Fendt also implements the fuel-efficient SCR technology in the new 700 Vario to achieve compliance with emissions standard Stage 3b (Tier IV interim) and to maximise efficiency. This technology is already well established on the market and its impressive fuel-efficiency has been confirmed in the first neutral tests: with 245 g/kWh, the 280-hp 828 Vario, the big brother of the 700 Vario series, achieved an unprecedented result in the DLG PowerMix test. Since exhaust after-treatment with AdBlue urea solution takes place after the combustion process, there is no need for exhaust gas recirculation, which means that the engine can be optimally tuned for economical fuel consumption and powerful driving performance.

The 700 Vario range is equipped with a completely new high-performance cooler unit. The hydraulic oil is cooled along with the transmission oil via a heat exchanger. This allows a large cooler unit, comprising a water cooler, charge-air cooler and transmission oil cooler, to be realised in combination with a narrow bonnet. Its straightforward construction with a flat cooler floor provides excellent accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.

The tractors in the 700 Vario series already reach a top speed of 50 km/h at a low, fuel-saving engine speed of 1700 rpm. A high maximum torque of 1058 Nm at 1450 rpm (724 Vario) also satisfies the highest power demands.

The new ML 180 Vario transmission boasts the tried and proven positive characteristics of previous Vario transmissions. The bearing and planetary set have been reinforced to permit optimal transfer of the increased power of the new 700 Vario series. The cumulative experience of far more than 100,000 Vario transmissions also went into the development of the ML 180 to further improve the drive train and achieve the best possible efficiency.


The 700 Vario series can be equipped with up to five double-acting spool valves at the rear. The number of connections at the front was increased to two double-acting valves, which, like the connections at the rear, can be freely assigned to the operating elements. A high flow volume of 100 litres per minute and a maximum available hydraulic oil volume of 55 litres together with a high lift capacity of 95.8 kN for the rear lift and 44.2 kN for the front lift, enable a wide range of applications.

The rear hydraulic lift features load compensation when lowering, which guarantees a constant lowering speed with different implement weights. For example, a constant lowering speed is guaranteed when seeding, even as the tank filling varies, and no manual readjustment is required. Pressure relief control on the front lift ensures optimum adaptation to ground contours. A dedicated valve keeps the bearing pressure of front-mounted implements uniform. This means, for example, that no load relief springs are required for mowing operations. A further hydraulic highlight is the VarioActive superimposed steering system. Here the special valve assembly for the VarioGuide automatic steering system is used to change to a different transfer ratio when steering. This permits easy and fast manoeuvres, a great benefit at the headlands and during front loader work.

Interesting detail solutions

When developing the new 700 Vario series, the engineers placed great value on detail solutions. These include a completely new headlamp and lighting concept, which provides the best illumination and thus ensures high safety and comfortable work at night. It features newly arranged work lights as well as entrance step lighting, LED tail lamps and corner lights, which optimally illuminate the wheel arches. The hand brake is also integrated in the dashboard, where it is well within reach and in view, and is controlled via compressed air or hydraulics.

Many areas of application

A power range from 200 to 240 hp, in combination with exceptional visibility, compact dimensions, a broad selection of ballasting and tyre options and a top speed of 50 km/h, permits a very wide range of applications: from heavy-duty field operations, universal grassland operations, light row crop operations to haulage and front loader work.