Press releases

The most modern tractor plant is being built

The largest single investment project of the AGCO Corporation, amounting to about 172 million euros in total, along with an expansion of the annual production capacity to up to 20,000 tractors, is in full swing at the German Fendt locations in Marktoberdorf and Asbach-Bäumenheim. In September of the upcoming year, the new final assembly facilities of the ultra-modern Fendt tractor plant will already be put into operation.

Customer requests optimally implemented

“Fendt tractors stand for the highest quality. Consequently, we were able to define our objective for planning our new tractor plant very quickly: To achieve the highest possible efficiency and flexibility in our manufacturing processes in order to implement the demands and individual requests of our customers in the future,” explained Peter-Josef Paffen, Spokesman for the Fendt Management. Accordingly, state-of-the-art production and logistics processes are being implemented in the new Fendt tractor plant. In the new final assembly AGVs, driverless transport vehicles, will be used instead of a conveyor system. “The focus is on quality and added value in combination with the principles of optimal material flow, transparency and sustainability.” A special feature of the new plant is an ultra-modern tractor body painting facility, which operates on an intelligent mix of high-tech automation and targeted quality-enhancing manual work. The special ventilation technology, water separating system and modern filter systems will enable dual corrosion protection and, at the same time, permit a drastic reduction in emissions. “Responsibility for the environment. Environmental consciousness is a matter of course for us, which is not only limited to our products,” stated Paffen clearly. Besides reducing emissions, all buildings will be insulated according to the latest building standards and further measures for resource-conserving production will be installed. An example for exceptional customer orientation with maximum quality and added value will be the new pipe production area. All pipelines for all the piping in the tractors are manufactured here according to the principles of lean management. The new visitor concept stands for transparency. “In the future we will also offer our customers the opportunity to get a closer look at the Fendt factory and the quality-oriented production processes.” In the new factory, visitors will be guided along a special path which follows the production flow and is in the immediate vicinity of the manufacturing and assembly processes. Multimedia technology with simulations and animations will provide a better understanding of the complex technical processes.

Start of operations scheduled for September 2012

Construction work has been under way in Marktoberdorf for almost three months now. The building ground for the new assembly halls, painting facilities and final assembly area, i.e. the final inspection and shipping, have already been prepared and the foundations for the new buildings have been laid. The final assembly area will already be erected in mid-October and the new painting facilities in late November. “The biggest challenge is the dual burden of manufacturing 15,000 tractors while building a new plant and integrating it in the running operations.” Until now the construction work has been running on schedule and in September of next year, the new plant, with a production capacity of 20,000 tractors and 28,000 transmissions, will already start operations. “After the investments have been completed, we will have the most efficient tractor and cab factory at the Marktoberdorf and Asbach-Bäumenheim Fendt sites, featuring state-of-the-art production processes and an attractive working environment for our staff,” summarises Paffen.

General contractor

The Schmid/Reisch consortium, which has been commissioned as the general contractor, is responsible for carrying out all the construction work. The two high-power mid-sized companies, headquartered in Southern Germany, were already commissioned with the construction of the new assembly facilities in Marktoberdorf and have provided reliable services with convincing cost-transparency and high quality standards.