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July 2008
Unparalleled performance

Fendt strengthens its E- and L-ranges

The new six straw-walker 275hp Fendt 6270 L and the five strawwalker Fendt 176hp 5180 E expand the Fendt E and L combine ranges. With these additions, Fendt offers its customers a wide choice of entrylevel and mid-range harvesters ideally suited to working in a broad spectrum of crops and conditions.

Fendt 6270 L – maximum flexibility

The Fendt L-series combines offer customers the basis for maximum harvesting flexibility and highest performance.

The uniform crop flow and even feeding to the drum are key to effective threshing and high outputs. The Fendt L-series is fitted with a Power Feed Roller (PFR) at the front of the main crop elevator. It distributes the crop over the entire width of the elevator and guarantees even crop flow to the threshing drum, improving threshing and reducing power and fuel consumption.

The Fendt L-series combines are all fitted with a Multi Crop Separator plus (MCS plus). With this patented system, the position of the concave under the rotary separator can be optimally adapted to the prevailing conditions. In dry conditions, for example, the entire concave can be swung out over the rotary separator easily with the push of a button. The MSC plus guarantees exceptional harvesting flexibility and a consistently high straw quality.

The High Capacity sieves (HC sieves), with their special surface, ensure optimised airflow and effective cleaning. The HC sieves therefore have a large tolerance range and do not need to be adjusted often. Even in short and brittle straw, HC sieves guarantee a clean grain sample. The sieves also have high dividers on the top and bottom, which keep the material evenly distributed on the sieves, even when working on slight slopes.

Fendt 5180 E - robust design

Because of the straight-forward and uncomplicated design of the Fendt 5180 E, it is particularly suited to farmers with midsized farms looking to secure their harvests with their own reliable combine. Because of its dimensions, the 5180 E is ideal for smaller areas because it delivers impressive performance even on narrow lanes and small fields.

Powered by an Iveco NEF, 176hp engine, the five strawwalker combine has a straightforward design and is built for reliable, longterm operation. The Fendt 5180 E is easy to operate and has all the necessary operating elements in the cab. All the main functions are monitored by a clear and precise electronic display next to the driver seat. Air conditioning is also standard in the comfortable cab.

All the main threshing elements on this Fendt combine are engaged mechanically. The concave can also be adjusted mechanically from the driver seat; the front and rear concave gaps can be adjusted separately.

Threshing is by a conventional drum and concave, which feeds the straw mat onto the five straw walkers for final separation.

Like all Fendt combines, the 5180 E is equipped with a turret unloading auger, which enables large trailers to be filled easily. The 5,200 litre capacity grain tank is unloaded at a rate of 85 litres per second.


Model Straw walkers Power Grain tank capacity (l)
5180 E 5 176hp 5.200
5220 E 5 226hp 7.000
5250 E 5 243hp 7.000
6250 E 6 243hp 7.500
5250 L 5 243hp 7.000
5250 LAL 5 243hp 7.000
6270 L 6 275hp 8.800

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