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Fast transport with maximum comfort, full safety and high payloads

Over 40 percent of the operating hours are used for the transport of goods for purchase and sales jobs. The 700 Vario allows you to perform transport work at 50 km/h at a fuel-saving 1700 rpm while providing maximum ride comfort and driving safety. The basis for its pronounced ride comfort is the unique design of the chassis, which combines Fendt reactive steering with cab and front axle suspension.

At a glance:
At a glance:
  • 50 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed (1700 rpm)
  • Electrohydraulic power lift control with shock load stabilising
  • Maximum driving safety and ride comfort
  • Fendt reactive steering
  • Mechanical cab suspension for perfect ride comfort, optional with pneumatic cab suspension
  • Front axle suspension with level control, with locking feature which permits front-mounted implements to be guided precisely
  • Rugged cast half frame design
  • High performance braking system: wet, integral multi-disc brakes