Powerful hydraulics for modern implements
Powerful hydraulics for modern implements

Modern implements demand ever greater flexibility and performance from the tractor hydraulics. Fast lifting and high oil delivery rates are required for economical operation. The 700 Vario models, with their load sensing hydraulics and electrical hydraulic valves, are well-equipped for easy operation.

At a glance:

  • Load sensing hydraulics with 110 l/min hydraulic oil delivery capacity (optionally 154 l/min)
  • Electric proportional hydraulic valves
  • Joystick control and crossgate lever
  • Valve functions are set with the Varioterminal
  • EHR rear power lift with shock load stabilising as standard
  • Double-acting rear power lift for easy mounting of twin tyres
  • Maximum lift capacities:
    Rear: 83.4 kN (90.8 kN for 718)
    Front: 44.4 kN (optional)
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Bio-oils can be used for the hydraulics thanks to separate oil supplies