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Headland management2: VariotronicTI and VariotronicTI auto matic.

Unparalleled turning manoeuvres: Say good-bye to operating errors and cumbersome repositioning of hands when manoeuvring at the headland. This is what the innovative Fendt VariotronicTIheadland management delivers. This system allows you to define, store and reuse recurring steps, from raising your implement at the headland through to lowering it again. This generates a sequence of steps that you are then able to access manually at the push of a button for any subsequent turning manoeuvres. Unparalleled safety, reliability, precision and comfort at your fingertips.

VariotronicTI and VariotronicTI automatic

Select from two options, depending on the level of comfort required: VariotronicTI allows you to store up to four sequences, which can then be retrieved at the push of a button on the multi-function joystick. Sequences can be programmed both from the stationary vehicle (offline editing) and while driving. Stored sequences can additionally be optimised from the stationary vehicle at any time. VariotronicTI automatic delivers even greater precision and comfort. The system automatically detects the headland line from a GPS signal and executes the stored sequence fully automatically.

The VariotronicTI automatic headland management triggers operating sequences automatically at the headland.Use the terminal to define which sequences to use when starting and completing each turn. This process is supported by an intuitive graphic interface.

Functions that can be integrated into the operating sequence.
Up to 39 sequential steps.

Without Fendt VariotronicTI operators need to perform many steps manually at the headland. Depending on the implement used, this can cause substantial stress and be a source of any number of errors. These tasks are better performed by your VariotronicTI. The system is able to launch up to 39 sequential steps, which can be activated via five different triggers. The sequential steps are defined by you in keeping with your individual needs and preferences. Choose from 71 possible settings for engine and transmission control, hydraulic valves, front and rear linkages, front and rear PTOs, VarioGrip, the reversible fan and automatic track guidance with their respective individual functions.

The most important functions at a glance

The TI function in the Info+ menu always shows the TI sequence currently being executed, the currently active step and any triggers associated with this step.

Offline editing for easy programming: Optimised sequences of steps can be created individually from the stationary vehicle in your own time. If necessary, operators are also able to adjust sequences while working for further optimisation.

Fendt Variotronic – Your next steps