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MAN and AGCO Power.
Maximum performance with very low maintenance effort.

To make the best overall package, the 3 different Fendt IDEAL models also work with three different motors, which are perfectly adapted to the potential output of the IDEAL 7, 8 and 9. The maximum fuel efficiency can only be achieved with an engine that is perfectly suited to the potential output. The IDEAL 7 has an AGCO Power engine, while IDEAL 8 and 9 feature 2 different MAN engines. Featuring the latest common-rail injection, all engines comply with Tier4final regulations, and are noted for their long service intervals.

Revolutionary AirSense® Cooling

To ensure the engines are always efficient and reliable, cooling is crucial. AirSense® Cooling was developed for the Fendt IDEAL. The idea is to provide maximum cooling capacity with minimal cleaning effort. AirSense® Cooling consists of a 950 mm reversible fan and a cooler area of 2.7 m2. The air is extracted centrally through a radiator grille on the top side of the Fendt IDEAL. Depending on the temperature and time, the fan automatically changes its direction of rotation and reliably cleans out the radiator. Dirt and dust never impair the cooling capacity. This system is so reliable that you can work through an entire season without any manual cleaning effort.

Air compressor

For daily machine cleaning, choose between a single-cylinder (IDEAL 7 and 8) or a dual-cylinder air compressor (IDEAL 9). This is directly driven by the engine. The maximum pressure is 9.5 bar with a capacity of 60 l. Two air connections, one on the cab steps and one on the access ladder to the engine platform, allow the connection of an air hose, in order to clean the machine easily in the field.

Tank capacity for long work days

The diesel tank and AdBlue tank are located at the rear of the Fendt IDEAL. This also ensures optimal weight distribution. Both liquids can be poured into the tanks via the platform. The capacities are impressive: Up to 1500 l diesel and 180 l AdBlue can be held in the tanks. Combined with the low fuel consumption of the Fendt IDEAL, this means the machine can be operated for extremely long periods. When others stop, you can just keep on harvesting.

The cooling area is 2.7 m2 and thanks to AirSense® Cooling, does not have to be cleaned manually during the harvesting season.

The reverse fan with a diameter of 950 mm turns the vane depending on temperature and time, and therefore blows the intake area clean.

Making progress and covering large areas was never easier.

Endless propulsion

The Fendt IDEAL ground drive consists of tried and trusted gearbox technology, combined with the latest hydrostatic ground drive technology. The Fendt IDEAL ground drive consists of tried and trusted gearbox technology, combined with the latest hydrostatic ground drive technology. The ground drive is fitted at the front on the front axle, and can be reached very easily. The brake and differential lock are held directly in the transmission housing. Every model has a differential lock as standard.

Fendt MotionShift

The Fendt IDEAL gearbox offers two gears with a speed range of 0-15 km/h or 0-40 km/h. Fendt MotionShift allows you to shift both gear conveniently during the ride using a button on the armrest. The speed can be easily controlled via the multi-function joystick. In CVT mode, the speed starts at 0 km/h. The IDEAL's acceleration is linked to the joystick position. Enable the unique Hookup mode on the armrest and the Fendt IDEAL reacts proportionally to joystick movements. This makes light work of coupling attachments.

Optimal powertrain function

The DriveCenter completely redefines the drive concept of the Fendt IDEAL has been. All pumps, such as load sensing hydraulics or the driving drive pump, are directly driven. This means no performance is lost. It powers all the components on the Fendt IDEAL with just 13 belts, one chain and one transmission shaft, while reducing maintenance and the risk of downtime.

Perfect engine speed

A number of ride strategies are available in order to enhance efficiency and comfort when on the roads. In advanced mode, the engine speed follows your required forward speed, and reduces the speed for maximum efficiency by up to 300 rpm depending on load. In Time mode, the engine speed follows the default. If the speed is however 0 km/h for 5 seconds, the engine speed is reduced to 1/3 of the required value. After 10 seconds, the engine speed falls to the rated engine speed.

Chassis the right impression for the best impression.

Fendt IDEAL TrakRide

As an option, the brand new TrakRide track system can be fitted to drive the Fendt IDEAL. This system has been developed in the AGCO Centre of Expertise for track tractors in Jackson, USA. Three track types with widths of 660 mm, 760 mm or 910 mm are available. A hydraulic cylinder is provided for optimal tension. This pushes the front idler forward and therefore tensions the track. The open triangulated suspension, which allows the track roller to swing 15° up and 10° down, ensures the ultimate in ride comfort.

Slim mover

The slimline chassis of the Fendt IDEAL combine also allows for large contact surfaces in your wheel selection, with an outside width measuring less than 3.3 m with 800/70R38 wheels. Even Fendt IDEAL combines with ParaLevel slope compensation, which makes adjustments for inclines of up to 14%, can have 800/70 R38 wheels on the front axle. This will keep your transport width under 3.5 m.

Maximum propulsion

The IDEAL automatically switches to 4WD mode independently and intelligently only when the adjusted pressure of the front axle is reached. This means that the AllDrive axis supports the IDEAL only where necessary to deliver full traction, With the differential lock on, the AWD is permanently on. When you steer the differential lock turns off, and after the manoeuvre comes back on again. With this, the IDEAL saves on fuel and protects the axle.