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Maximum comfort for better results.

You will be thrilled by how easy the front loader is to operate, because it is perfectly integrated in the Fendt Vario. Two control valves can be controlled very precisely with the standard crossgate lever without having to reposition your hand.

Fast and easy direction changing

The rapid reverse function on your Vario allows you to change driving direction quickly and easily, without wear. When driving in pedal mode with TMS, both of your hands are free, allowing you to change travel direction with your left hand and control the Cargo with your right.

Cargo comfort handling

Complex implement functions can be controlled with the optional third and fourth hydraulic circuits. These are controlled by pushbuttons on the crossgate lever. The optional hydraulic attachment lock and the vibration damping system (optional) can also be conveniently operated from the driver seat using the CARGO comfort controls.

The electrical crossgate lever controls the front loader with extreme precision. The 3rd and 4th control circuit can be operated without changing hands by using the push buttons on the crossgate lever.

The standard-equipped crossgate lever controls the front loader very precisely via two control valves. When working with a silage or bale grab, the third and fourth hydraulic circuit (optional) can be actuated with the pushbuttons on the crossgate lever.

With the Cargo comfort controls, the third control circuit can be switched over to the hydraulic attachment lock and the fourth control circuit to the optional damping system.

With the orange reverser lever, you can easily change directions with your left hand. When the lever is pressed, the Vario stands still. When the lever is released, the tractor automatically drives in the preselected direction.

Fine adjustments to the valve functions can be made on the Varioterminal. For example, you can control the flow rate precisely and easily using the rotary controls and function keys.

Fendt drivers have more vision.

Overview with the Fendt Vario

During loader work, it is essential that you have a good view of everything. Fendt Vario tractors have the best lines of vision upwards and downwards. The 300, 500 and 700 Vario series are equipped with the VisioPlus cab – a true wonder in visibility and space. The windscreen on the cab curves up into the roof for a 77°C, unobstructed view over the raised front loader. The area between and in front of the wheel arches has also been optimised. Fendt tractor bonnets are always slimline and well-designed – especially useful for pushing grain. Fendt offers a roof window for the compact 200 Vario series to guarantee a full view of the raised front loader.

Smart design for the best view

Through the optimised arm width and the crossbeam, which is positioned very far forward, the entire structure of the front loader has been designed for an unobstructed view. The pipelines lie protected in the arm and ensure a better view. If you like to have the front window open, the mounting points of the front loader arm and the Z-bar linkage mean the front window can be swung out fully at any time during front loader work (not available on the 3X/65 and 4X/75 compact).

Comfortable working conditions

The damping system, which lies completely protected in the cross beam, provides exceptional comfort. Nitrogen accumulators on the front loader act as shock absorbers. Shock loads cause the hydraulic oil to press against a membrane in the accumulators. This compresses the gas volume, which reliably reduces peak loads. If precise implement control is required, the system can be switched off electrically, with a quick push of a button in the cab (mechanical for 3X arm).

The tractor's curved windscreen gives you a perfect view of fully extended implements.

The roof window, which is standard on the 200 Vario, provides a perfect view of the raised front loader.

Front loader without damping system:

Shock loads are transmitted to the tractor. Perfect view of the raised front loader.

Front loader with damping system:

Gas pressure reservoirs act as shock absorbers and prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the tractor body. The built-in cushioning system, together with front axle suspension and cab suspension, ensures superior ride comfort (optional).

Quick and easy maintenance.

Perfection in design

Since the designs of the front loader and the tractor have been specially adapted to each other from the very beginning, all maintenance work can be performed while the front loader is mounted. The front loader was designed to guarantee a very long service life through simple maintenance requirements and the use of the best materials.

Robust and hard-wearing

Maintenance and service-friendliness played an important role when developing the Fendt Cargo. The bearing points are large and extremely robust.

Flexible ballasting

Fendt offers you a comprehensive ballasting concept for frequent loader work. Depending on the application, you can use wheel weights or rear weights, which are fast and easy to mount and remove. This keeps your Fendt Vario well balanced and stable in any situation.

The large-sized bearing points ensure play-free connections, durability and a minimum of wear. The bushes are made of highgrade bronze bearing material and have lubrication pockets.

The front loader mounting parts have been designed specifically for Vario tractors, so you can access all the maintenance points even with an attached front loader. For example, access to the oil dipstick was taken into account when designing the mounting brackets.

Wheel weights are available for optimum rear ballasting. They are mounted with the tried and proven Fendt coupling system.

Universal weights round off the ballasting system perfectly.