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Unique efficiency that’ll make you smile.

The rotor of the Fendt Tigo impresses with its strength and huge output. The 25 mm wide rotor tines with Hardox contact surfaces, makes the Fendt Tigo stand out from the crowd with its quality of cut. The grass is fed exactly through the narrow cutting gap and has no alternative way out. It is actively conveyed through the table while the six spiral rows of tines of the rotor provide for an efficient, precise cut. The rotor tines pull gently at an angle of more than 90 degrees out of the forage, which guarantees gentle discharge of the feed. With a feed channel of more than 1 m², the feed is carefully carried to the loading space even under difficult operating conditions. You thus achieve a precise quality of cut without squishing and optimum quality pre-compacted feed.

Efficiency is equal to output

The more effective the power flow of a gearbox, the higher the generated output. Achieve optimum performance potential with the unique propulsion system of the Fendt Tigo. The direct drive via low-wear gears withstands high loads and is extremely smooth running. The maingear wheel is directly screwed to the cutting rotor and guarantees direct power transmission. The outstanding smoothness takes the strain off the operator and provides a comfortable working environment. Forage contamination caused by dripping chain lubrication is also excluded thanks to the involute spur gear.

“Are you still waiting to switch on or are you already on the move?”

You save time and money with Fendt Tigo. The patented solution for replacing individual rotor segments, means nothing flusters you any longer. Thanks to the innovative design, you replace only the individual rotor teeth in case of damage by foreign object or wear. The T-shaped, 25 mm wide contact surface of the rotor segments guarantees high stability. At the same time, the Fendt Tigo develops more thrust with little effort.

Precision, right on the mark

Grass harvest, no problem - the Fendt Tigo guarantees you optimum output. The perfect interplay between pick-up and rotor result in an ideal crop flow and highest loading performance. The transfer point of the pick-up is close to the cutting rotor. The crop therefore travels only a short way from the feed to the rotor. Thanks to the shorter design and low, almost identical peripheral speed of the pick-up and rotor, you achieve optimum raking performance and feed transfer even with short, dry feed. This allows you to work preserving the feed to give outstanding quality.

The synchronised peripheral speed allows the pick-up with low, protecting speed to bypass the removal to the rotor.

The rotor teeth are divided into three elements and can be removed individually. Three new elements are locked for simple replacement and then welded three times with individual locks.

The power of the main drive is transmitted from the drive train to the rotor via extra strong spur gears with a force-locking involute gear.

The rotor with a diameter of 800 mm and six spiral rows of teeth made of Hardox steel is equipped on both sides with large spherical roller bearings.

Hard at work the whole season through.

Pure protection of the forage

The heart of the Fendt Tigo MS is the cam trackcontrolled loading unit. The kidney-shaped cam track guarantees optimum control of the individual conveyor rakes. The load peaks are optimally distributed, thanks to separate bearings on each individual rake. This makes them extremely precise. The double tines of the five conveyor rakes pull straight backwards out of the feed stock and thus prevent the feed from being crushed. Thanks to this fork effect, the feed is transported loosely and in layers, gently and evenly, into the loading space.

Undivided attention

To ensure an even and smooth forage flow, the Fendt Tigo MS has single-section conveyor swing arms. The central cutting process prevents a tearing effect, as with a split or offset swing arm arrangement. The result is precisely cut, high-quality feed.

Driving forward

The Fendt Tigo MS is something special. It is the only wagon in its class to be driven directly via a robust gear drive. This makes this drive suitable for changing requirements and is extremely smooth running. By dispensing with chain drives, the Fendt Tigo MS runs very smoothly and provides for a pleasant working environment. Contaminated feed due to dripping chain lubricants is also prevented.

Maintenance instead of waiting

Each of the five conveyor swing arms are mounted separately on both sides in a closed roller bearing, and have a central lubrication system. The standard lubrication bars on the charging unit and the cam track prevent the lubricating film from breaking and make this model extremely low-wear and easy to maintain.


The double tines remain in contact with the crop at an ideal angle until they are retracted in a horizontal position just before the crop enters the loading space.

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    The double tines remain in contact with the crop at an ideal angle until they are retracted in a horizontal position just before the crop enters the loading space.

  • Mosaic

    The easily accessible lubricating bars constantly top up the lubricating film of the individual conveyor rakes.

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    The single-section conveyor swing arm allows an even and smooth forage flow.

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    The short distance between the pick-up and the loading unit allows an optimum crop flow.

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    Unique, extremely smooth-running drive thanks to a robust, oil-free gear drive.

Intelligent technology. Simple operation.

Unique system

You have the choice! With the unique operating concept, you can configure all settings in parallel using 3 different options. On the Tigo MR Profi models and all wagons equipped with feed rollers, you control the loading wagon with ISOBUS via the Varioterminal in your Fendt tractor as standard. You can also place your most important functions on the joystick of your Fendt Vario. The Fendt Tigo has the right feature for everyone.

No limits

The Fendt Tigo offers you the ultimate in flexibility and compatibility. You can steer the Fendt Tigo comfortably using the loading wagon terminal even with old tractors without ISOBUS. As soon as your new ISOBUS-capable tractor expands your fleet, you can change to the Varioterminal.

Electromagnetic comfort operation

All MS and MR models are equipped with electromagnetic comfort control as standard. All functions can be carried out conveniently from the cab. In addition, these models can be optionally equipped with load sensing.

You can go to the loading and unloading menu and the general settings from the Start menu.

Control the bulkhead and the table of the Tigo MR Profi directly via your terminal. Even the pick-up and drawbar can be conveniently adjusted from here.

Position the deflectors for optimum emptying with the automatic unloading system. Set the scraper floor speed individually.