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My partner – strong and efficient.

Pure performance: The performance range of the Fendt 200 Vario goes from 77 to a maximum output of 111 HP. The 3-cylinder AGCO power engine features passion and dynamics, as well as high performance coupled with unrivalled stability. The 4-valve technology together with the turbocharger and wastegate utilises the full power potential.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and external exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the stringent emissions standards from stage 3b are met without excessive maintenance. The compact tractors are extremely economical: reduced speeds and high torque allow transport speeds of 40 km/h at just 1,750 rpm. A new cooler unit, the high-performance air filter and reversible fan reduce the maintenance work needed to allow continuous operation with no interruption.

Efficiency for top performance

The Tractor Management System (TMS) controls the engine in tandem with the continuously variable gearbox to provide the ultimate in cost efficiency. TMS makes the tractor really easy to drive, either using the joystick or with the driving pedal. When TMS is activated, the tractor electronics control the engine speed and transmission ratio. The driver only needs to set the desired speed, TMS controls the rest.

Economical and low-maintenance

The fuel pre-filter with thermostatic valve always allows the tractor to operate reliably, even at very low temperatures well below zero, since the pre-warmed fuel flows from the return into the pre-filter. The radiator and filter are arranged for ease of maintenance. A straightforward dashboard displays a wide range of information, e.g. PTO speed, road speed or even fuel consumption.

Regardless of whether you choose the exhaust unit at the bottom, or the unit fitted at the top:

The targeted cooling of the recirculated exhaust gas (EGR) significantly reduces the fuel consumption. Together with the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), this ensures compliance with current emissions


Reversible fan

Easy, quick radiator cleaning without any downtime for operating efficiency.

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    Reversible fan

    Easy, quick radiator cleaning without any downtime for operating efficiency.

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    Multi-function display

    Easy switchover: Display what you need for your work in the multi-function display, e.g. the current and average fuel consumption or the worked area.

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    High-performance filter

    High-performance filter for high separation capacity under difficult conditions.

My partner – the right choice for safety.

Fendt Vario = outstanding ride comfort

The continuously variable Vario gearbox guarantee excellent ride comfort and potential savings from 0.02 km/h (20 m per hour) up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h with continuous power transmission without changing gears. This means you can always work at the exact speed that suits the work at hand. Even on extreme slopes you can brake continuously until you come to a standstill, secure the machine on the slope using the active stop control, and then drive away smoothly. This protects your ground and enhances safety.

The right speed ...

... for the PTO can be conveniently pre-selected using buttons: 540, 540E/750 and 1000 rpm are available in the rear (ground PTO optional). The external controls at the rear are extremely practical. The Fendt 200 Vario PTOs feature outstanding efficiency, since the flow of power to the PTO stub flows through a direct drive line from the Vario transmission. A 540E (750 rpm/min at the rated engine speed) or 1000 PTO is available for the front mount.

Well-balanced and efficient with TMS

You just have to specify the desired speed. The tractor management system (TMS) controls the engine rpm and gearbox ratio to always offer the ultimate in cost efficiency. Frequently changing operations are part of the daily routine of a specialty tractor. Whether for transport, on vineyards or in orchards, Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario has been designed for ideal performance, low fuel consumption and reduced wear on components.

Relaxed driving at the limit

The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario now offers fully-automatic maximum output control 2.0 in the specialty tractor sector. The overloading automatically determines the power consumption, and the engine alwaysoperates

within the ideal speed range. Operators can decide to adjust the maximum output control manually.

Fendt offers the ultimate in ride comfort and safety both on and off road, and the TMS always ensures efficient, low revs.

The PTOs operate independent of the road speed. For example, you can driveslowly when mulching a dense uncut crop, and to drive faster, continuously, without changing gears or switching off in sparse crops.

Efficient combination of processes. With the 540E/750 front PTO, you can drive the mulcher at the operating speed, though the sprayer in the rear and the tractor operate at a reduced engine speed.

The required PTO speed can be conveniently selected via the rotary control.

The PTO start-up control protects the coupled implements.

The PTO stubs are really easy to couple thanks to the bevelled and modified profile.

The direct through drive of the PTO ensures excellent efficiency. Speed is reduced directly on the PTO stub.