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Harvest intelligently. Increase your efficiency!

Our C-Series stands for the ultimate in efficiency, leading-edge technologies and high flexibility. With its numerous features, it defines the premium segment of the new upper mid-horsepower class. Automated steering with VarioGuide, a new appearance and the 6-row straw chopper are only a few of the many highlights.

5275 C306 PS*225 kW*
5275 PL306 PS*225 kW*
5275C PLI306 PS*225 kW*
5275 Rice306 PS*225 kW*
6335 C360 PS*265 kW*
6335 C PL360 PS*265 kW*

6335 C PLI

360 PS*

265 kW*

6335 C Rice360 PS*265 kW*

* Maximum power incl. boost

360° virtual tour - Location Breganze

Fendt combine production

All Fendt combines in the mid-sized class as well as the hybrid and 8-straw walker models in the high-horsepower class, which are distributed in Europe, are produced in the factory in Breganze, Italy. The ultra-modern facility covers 220,000 m2, more than 400 people are employed there.

Take a virtual tour of the combine harvester plant at Breganze.

Start the 360° tour 

Harvest Promise

Fendt Harvest Promise

During the harvest period, it is important to have a partner you can rely on. That is why we give you our harvest promise. We do everything to ensure your harvest is up and running:

  • We react quickly, because our Fendt dealers keep replacement parts in stock for your Fendt combine.
  • To make sure you really believe us, we will compensate the costs for hiring a replacement machine, if crucial replacement parts are not available within 24 hours.

All in all simply Fendt.

A promise is a promise

  • A widespread warehouse network for fast delivery of spare parts
  • Parts supplied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Compensation of costs for hiring a replacement machine*

Dealer Directory

* More information on the conditions for this programme is available from your Fendt dealer.

Maximum productivity

You will discover premium class features in our C-Series. Technologies, such as yield and moisture measuring or automatic table control, ensure maximum productivity. Among other things, the MCS Plus threshing unit guarantees you the best threshing quality.

With our Fendt Variotronic operating interface, we also set standards for combines. The VarioGuide automated steering system guarantees even more efficient work with the C-Series.

The new 6-row straw chopper ensures optimal chopping and spreading results – ideal for min-till operations.

Our combines – a tradition of innovation

Outstanding quality in operation and work

Our combines are perfectly thought out, from the cutting table to the straw chopper. Always with an eye on offering you exceptional quality in operation and work. Naturally, we have also equipped the C-Series with our award-winning Fendt Variotronic – only one example of how Fendt’s innovative power also lives in our harvesting products.

Premium workmanship

A demand for high quality standards is one of the most important pillars of our European Centre of Excellence for Harvesting in Breganze. We do not just stop at compliance with all ISO standards. Our combines also go through numerous other intensive tests before they leave the factory, so they can do their best job on your farm.

Efficiency and economy

Our goal is to make you more successful by offering you highly efficient and economic products. So, among other things, they have to consume as little fuel as possible ­ and our combines can do just that.

Always ready for operation

To guarantee high operational availability, even in difficult crops, we use durable, wear-resistant materials. For example, 80% of the machine components in our combines are galvanised. This is only one reason why you can be sure that our C-Series will be helping you harvest for a long time to come.


More comfort

  • Skyline cab
  • Fendt Variotronic operating interface
  • Automatic climate control with heating
  • Comprehensive lighting concept
  • Automatic machine settings for different types of crops
  • Best access for daily maintenance
  • Mosaic

    More comfort

    • Skyline cab
    • Fendt Variotronic operating interface
    • Automatic climate control with heating
    • Comprehensive lighting concept
    • Automatic machine settings for different types of crops
    • Best access for daily maintenance
  • Mosaic

    More performance

    • PowerFlow table, up to 7.70 m cutting width
    • 600-mm threshing cylinder
    • Concave with different wire spacings
    • Front/rear concave clearance can be adjusted separately
    • Concave under rotary separator MCS Plus can be rotated out of the way
    • HC sieves
    • ParaLevel models
  • Mosaic

    More profitability

    • Perfect quality of grain and the cleanest sample for your farming business
    • Fendt VarioGuide
    • Perfect crop flow from the very start
    • Efficient drives for low power requirement
    • Efficient engine technology for low fuel consumption
  • Mosaic

    More versatility

    • Threshing unit to match your individual requirements
    • Conversion to oilseed rape operation is a matter of minutes with Fendt PowerFlow
    • Efficient grain maize harvesting with the maize kit
  • Mosaic

    More operations

    • Components specially selected and specified for the requirements
    • Intelligent machine design facilitates daily maintenance
    • Local service – dealers have training and a high-level spare parts supply
  • Mosaic

    More for the environment

    • High machine efficiency for low fuel consumption per harvested tonne of grain
    • Ultraflex tyre technology for low pressure on ground
    • Reduced engine speed on the road lowers fuel consumption