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A true great. Anytime, anywhere.

Pure performance: The performance range of the Fendt 200 Vario goes from 77 to a maximum output of 111 HP. The 3-cylinder AGCO power engine features passion and dynamics, as well as high performance coupled with unrivalled stability. The 4-valve technology together with the turbocharger and wastegate utilises the full power potential.

Easy to clean: Thanks to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and external exhaust gas recirculation (AGR), the stringent emissions standards are met without excessive maintenance work. The compact tractors are extremely economical: reduced speeds and high torque allow transport speeds of 40 km/h at just 1,750 rpm. A new cooler unit, the high-performance air filter and reversible fan reduce the maintenance work needed to allow continuous operation with no interruption.

Fendt Vario = ride comfort: The continuously variable Vario transmission guarantees ride comfort and savings potential. From 0.02 km/h
(20 m per hour) up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h with continuous power transmission without changing gears, so you can always work at the exact speed that suits the work at hand. Even on extreme slopes you can brake continuously until you come to a standstill, secure the machine on the slope using the active stop control, and then drive away smoothly. This protects your ground and provides safety.

Efficiency for top performance: The Tractor Management System (TMS) controls the engine in tandem with the continuously variable gearbox
to provide the ultimate in cost efficiency. TMS makes the tractor really easy to drive, either using the joystick or with the driving pedal. When TMS is activated, the tractor electronics control the engine speed and transmission ratio. The driver only needs to set the desired speed, TMS controls the rest.

The optional reversible fan automatically ensures that the fan grill is clean, therefore maximising performance. This is beneficial especially when using a front mower.

The Fendt Vario transmission ML75 is a continuously variable power split ground drive with one speed range. The hydrostats can be swung 45° and power-splitting via a planetary gear set ensures exceptional efficiency over the entire speed range.


Outstanding accessibility - as seen here when changing the air filter - is a feature of all Fendt Vario tractors and keeps maintenance time to a minimum.

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    Outstanding accessibility - as seen here when changing the air filter - is a feature of all Fendt Vario tractors and keeps maintenance time to a minimum.

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    All connections in the rear mount are permanently labelled and clearly arranged. The self-closing valve flaps prevent ingress of dirt.

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    External control for linkage and rear PTO engagement. Mount rear implements easily and save yourself unnecessary steps, for example, when filling the slurry tank.

True greats with inner qualities that convince.

Operate efficiently – drive comfortably: The Fendt 200 Vario cab, specially designed for this class, provides a top quality work space: unparalleled legroom with no obstacles and a perfect panoramic overview. All working and operating functions are integrated into a central operating concept on the righthand side. The tilting and height-adjustable steering wheel is used to adjust the seat position to best suit your needs.

Comfortable workplace: The low design heights and the even cab floor in the Fendt 200 Vario allow you to climb in and out comfortably, and provides the ultimate in legroom without the gearbox tunnel. With the Comfort Seat with air suspension in the right position, you’ll feel fighting fit even after a long working day. The optional cab suspension provides perfect ride comfort.

Powerful hydraulic system: The hydraulic system on the Fendt 200 Vario has a high oil delivery capacity of 42 l/min as standard. Two hydraulic pumps (33 l/min + 42 l/min) each control the steering and working hydraulics separately.In the case of a high volume requirement, the two circuits can be added to give a maximum capacity of 75 l/min. The separated oil supplies for the hydraulics and gearbox prevent the oils from mixing, which is especially important if implements are changed frequently. The high oil volume of 34 litres also allows use of large skips.

Excellent hydraulic power: If there are high demands on the hydraulics, the Fendt 200 Vario can be fitted with a 71 l/min LS pump, so providing a overall delivery capacity of up to 104 l/min with flow summation.

The electrical crossgate lever controls the front loader with extreme precision. The 3rd and 4th control circuits can be operated without changing hands by using the push buttons on the crossgate lever.

The button located on the left under the steering wheel can be used to easily and conveniently control reverse gear and the Stop & Go function.

Make work easy through good visibility. The glare-free backlit switches ensure safer working in the dark.

The crossgate lever controls the 1st and 2nd valves with great precision. The flow rates can be conveniently controlled on the two control valves.

Convenient electrohydraulic rear power lift control with active shock load stabilising system.