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Large-volume grain tank

With 6500 litres, the grain tank of the Fendt 5225 E has one of the top capacities on the market – and therefore many benefits. Because the fewer stops you make during the harvest, the surer you can bring your valuable grain in dry. And when you finally do go to unload after a long driving time: the combine is already ready for operation after approx. 80 seconds thanks to the large-sized grain tank auger with an unloading capacity of 85 l/sec.

Chopper and cleaning

No one cleans better

The Fendt 5225 E has one of the largest sieve areas in its power class – and therefore provides maximum cleaning capacity. The sectional cleaning system, with its high partitions on the upper and lower sieves, distributes the grain-chaff mixture uniformly over the entire cleaning area, even when working in hilly terrain. Together with the targeted wind guidance in the individual cleaning sections, it enables the machine to work at maximum cleaning capacity.

HC sieves

The special surface of the HC (HighCapacity) sieves enables optimised wind flow and cleaning performance. The HC sieves therefore have a large tolerance range and seldom need to be adjusted. Even short, brittle straw is separated effectively. Optionally, the sieves can be adjusted electrically from the comfort of the cab.

Intelligent returns system

The returns system feeds unthreshed heads back to the threshing cylinder. This is done very gently and evenly, because an auger above the threshing cylinder distributes the material over the full width of the threshing mechanism.

Preparation floor

High-Capacity sieves (HC sieves)

Sieve extension


Grain auger

Rethresher auger

Lower sieve

High-performance chopping

Adjustable grinding floor with dimpled and smooth surface, can be adjusted in 3 positions

Precision as standard: The grinding floor with adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures consistent chopped straw length.

Quick change

Operators can switch quickly and easily between swath shot and chopping modes, simply by moving a lever.

Electrically adjustable deflector plates

Always an option: the electrically adjustable straw distribution plates.

Chaff spreader

Double extra: the multi-adjustable chaff spreader with twin rotor (optional).

Best access

The Fendt 5225 E design guarantees good access to the shaker shoe thanks to easy forward and back pivoting.

Losses in view

The straw walker and sieve losses are displayed as a bar in the Agritronic Plus.

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Fendt E-Series 5225

Fendt E-Series 5225

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