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Smart details to make work easier.

Thanks to tried and proven technology and well thought-out details, the operating comfort of the Fendt Cutter is on par with its outstanding mowing performance. Whether for regular maintenance work, replacing worn parts or any possible repairs: All the important components are easy to access and can be maintained with minimum effort. The quick-release blade system, in particular, saves a lot of valuable time.

Adjustment of the swath width

And the Fendt drum mower is even more convenient in operation. The centralised adjustment of the swath width, infinitely adjustable cutting height, automatic centring when driving on the road as well as very fast and easy mounting and removing from the tractor, are only a few of the advantages that the Fendt Cutter has to offer.

Variable cutting height adjustment

The variable cutting height adjustment of the Fendt Cutter front-mounted mowers also works quickly.

Always maintain the perfect TurboLift system ground pressure by keeping an eye on the pressure gauge.

The adjustable lower link bolts provide a quick and easy means of adapting the Fendt Cutter to different tractors.

Best access

In order to perform maintenance, cleaning and a knife change quickly, special attention has been paid to accessibility throughout the machine. All guards open upwards and also stay up thanks to pneumatic springs. Knives are changed in seconds using a practical special tool.


The knife box is perfectly integrated on the mower

  • Mosaic

    The knife box is perfectly integrated on the mower

  • Mosaic

    The special tool for a quick knife change is always to hand on the mower.

  • Mosaic

    The integrated tool box allows you to take useful tools with you on the machine.

  • Mosaic

    The guards can be swung up for cleaning and maintenance, and are held in position thanks to gas pressure dampers.

  • Mosaic

    The transmission shaft is easily accessible and is simple to lubricate.

The transport position puts the mowers at an angle of 90° and means that they can be driven safely on the roads, Whilst taking everything you need with you in the spacious integrated tool box. The standard, springloaded impact guard reliably protects the Fendt Cutter rear mowers against damage from obstacles.

Thanks to precise folding, you can also drive the Fendt Cutter TL safely and comfortably on the roads.

The impact guard protects the mower in the event of a collision, andautomatically locks into place again when reversing.

The Fendt Cutter FPVs are fitted close to the tractor. This Adjust the cutting height of the Fendt Cutter in seconds. also ensures extra safety on the roads.

Experience in Hay

A century of silage expertise Tradition, innovation and passion – that’s the recipe for success of the silage centre of expertise in Feucht.