All your functions in one place, clear navigation, ease-of-use – with FendtONE we can give you all this and more. FendtONE is the future of tractor control. For the first time ever, we have combined onboard and offboard functions to create an all-in-one strategy. Exclusive to the new Fendt 300 Vario and Fendt 700 Vario models, FendtONE is your own personal driver's workstation with added value. Dare to dream – bigger display area, greater ease-of-use and greater individuality.

Bigger display area

Three terminals, everything at a glance. As well as the 12" armrest terminal, FendtONE comes with a 10" digital dashboard and an additional optional 12" terminal in the roof liner. ISOBUS control, lane guidance and camera views – there's room for it all in your new workplace.

The benefits: More display units for complex work sequences, clear controls, coherent system.

Greater ease-of-use

FendtONE is entirely intuitive. All your controls are in one place – there's no need to reach between the cockpit, armrest and roof liner. The different function groups are colour-coded. A flat menu hierarchy means you can quickly find what you want every time. It is used much in the same way as a smartphone or tablet. Inexperienced drivers can quickly find their way around.

The benefits: Intuitive use, colour-coding, familiarise yourself in no time.

More individuality

Your control centre, flexible to your needs. You have the option to freely assign functions to specific controls. Never before has the workplace seen this level of individualisation for different drivers. A clever colour concept helps the driver to keep track: The buttons show the colour of the corresponding function group they are assigned to. Save the settings to user profiles for quick lookup. You can also adapt the display areas, including how the terminal pages are arranged.

The benefits: Individual setup of the page layouts, freely assignable buttons, create user profiles