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The managing board of Fendt

The Managing Board – At a glance

(f.l.t.r.) Walter Wagner, Christoph Gröblinghoff, Ingrid Bußjäger-Martin & Ekkehart Gläser

Christoph Gröblinghoff

Vice President and Chairman of the Managing Board AGCO/Fendt

Walter Wagner

Vice President and Managing Director Research, Development & customer service

Ingrid Bußjäger-Martin

Vice President and Managing Director Finance and IT

Ekkehart Gläser

Vice President and Managing Director Production

Fendt Vario: Celebrating the anniversary of a winning model

Fendt 250.000 Vario

"Fendt produces 250,000th Vario Transmission"

In November 2016, the 250,000th Fendt Vario transmission model rolls off the production line in Marktoberdorf. More than twenty years after the first tractor with continuously variable Vario transmission was introduced, the quarter of a million mark has now been reached. 250,000 Vario transmissions – that means 250,000 happy customers relying on the stepless drive for its power, dynamics and driving comfort.

Revolution in transmission manufacturing

Fendt Favorit 926 Vario on the field

Fendt's Favorit 926 Vario:
A revolutionary Tractor

It was the world's first tractor with a continuously variable drive: the 1995 Fendt Favorit 926 Vario. This tractor revolutionised agricultural technology. It was not only the 6-cylinder MAN engine with 260 HP that astounded visitors at the 1995 Agritechnica fair, but also the revolutionary Fendt Vario transmission that, for the first time, combines the efficiency of a quick shift gear with the advantages of a continuous drive. Fully future-proof, even back then it met the growing requirements of agricultural contractors and large-scale farms.

A fascinating concept

Fendt gear
There were a number of reservations and the market was hit by a string of crises, but that did not stop Fendt from backing an innovation that was as visionary as it was complex. There were plenty of challenges for the Fendt gear developers. The vehicle electronics were still in their infancy in the early 90s but it was already clear that control and operation would no longer be mechanical but electronic in the future. The classic gear lever was defunct. In its place came the now familiar, easy to use multifunction joystick. A new challenge came about to improve comfort, as the oil pumps were far too noisy in the beginning.
I personally have a farming background and was fascinated by the idea of a tractor that just drives – at any speed, uphill or downhill, backwards or forwards, without juddering nor loss of traction, all without switching gears.The idea is that the operator should be able to focus on what's really important: the work on the field.
Richard Heindl, Senior Engineering Specialist, who has worked on the Fendt Vario transmission from day one.

Fendt VarioDrive: dare to try something new.

Fendt launches next Generation VarioDrive Transmission at Agritechnica 2015

The launch of the 1000-series at Agritechnica 2015 – exactly 20 years after the first Fendt Vario tractor was introduced – heralded the next generation of Vario transmission gearboxes. Fendt VarioDrive is the name of the gear generation which has been consistently further developed from the ground up. This range includes the first permanently variable all-wheel function thanks to the independent axle drive – an entirely automatic system, without any operator intervention. New to this generation; both the rear and front axles have their own hydro motor.
Fendt 1000 Vario at the Agritechnica 2015

Fendt 1000 Vario

Agritechnica 2015: The Fendt 1000 Vario with the new Fendt VarioDrive drivetrain has won every prize going; Tractor Of The Year, Machine Of The Year, DLG Silver Medal.
Two employees next to the 3-tonne VarioDrive-transmission of the Fendt 1000 Vario

Perfect working environment

The 3-tonne VarioDrive-transmission of the Fendt 1000 Vario is built at the transmission plant in Marktoberdorf.
Fendt Vario 1000 with VarioDrive on the field

Do your best work, everyday.

Permanent all-wheel function, enhanced tractive power and more manoeuvrability, these are all the hallmarks of the Fendt Vario 1000 with VarioDrive.

The Fendt spirit flows through every Vario transmission

The modern and constantly improved manufacturing and assembly line that brings 77 Vario transmissions to life every day, also shows that Karl-Heinz Welz, former Head of the Transmission Plant, and his team, do not rest on their laurels. Walker is proud of a team who mastered the serial production of the complex powertrain of the Fendt Vario 1000 from day one. "Every employee who touches one of those units gives life to the Fendt tractor. We embody the Fendt spirit!" Fendt relies exclusively on internal skills in its transmission manufacturing, as well as decades of experience in the serial production of stepless gearboxes. Tonnes and tonnes of steel are delivered every day and are transformed into every single part of the gearbox, be it the gears, shafts or casings. From production to assembly, everything happens in the same department in Marktoberdorf. "Everything we do strives for 100% quality," affirms Assembly Manager, Mr Wagenseil. "We believe that the trust that hundreds and thousands of people show in us, must be earned on a daily basis."
3-tonne VarioDrive transmission gearbox

100% quality

A change of scene: At the transmission factory, a 3-tonne VarioDrive transmission gearbox with rear axle rolls off the production line. It awaits the first tough test of its young life; at high-tech testbench no. 4, it will undergo a 30-minute endurance run that it will pass with flying colours. Every work situation that a tractor might encounter is simulated, so that the gearbox's controls, components and processes can be given a full health check. Everything is automatic and equipped with the latest test systems. Calibration, high-pressure testing up to 550 bar, maximum speed... The enclosed test booth is like an operating room, with gears and gauges working with precision at maximum performance.