Agriculture is undergoing constant change. Increasing bureaucratic hurdles are making office work more and more complex and complicated. But there is a glimmer of hope – our solution is FendtONE. With the integrated Fendt Task Doc feature, you can get your basic documentation done easily and quickly. You don't have to laboriously get to grips with complicated software, just sail through our intuitive user interface – which happens to be the same as on the tractor.

Team up with your tractor

Fendt Task Doc promises an easy introduction into automated documentation – with your Fendt machine helping you along the way. This job-specific documentation system includes planning and admin features. With the FendtONE offboard app, you can create orders in the office or on the go in just a few clicks and send them directly to the machine. Added to this, with the onboard function Fendt Task Doc, the operator can process and document jobs on the machine and return them wirelessly to the office as a job report. From there, you can expand on the job details to show which fields were worked, the output volumes, and more. A map view also gives you an overview of the selected parameters. Fendt Task Doc makes it easier to document your actions, saving you valuable time in the process.

Precision Farming at its best

As well as recording the machine parameters provided by the tractor's job computer, Fendt Task Doc also enhances these parameters with position data provided every five metres by your tracking system. Fendt Task Doc feeds into Fendt Variable Rate Control – which regulates the output rate specific to subsections of land – so you can realise your fields' maximum potential.