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Fendt Katana forage harvester – the perfectionist in maize.

Ultimate cutting and chopping quality

The cutting length produced by the drum can be tailored to any subsequent use, such as biogas or milk production. The new Fendt Katana 650 focuses on the best crop flow and perfectly pulped grain and crop. This is the only way to extend the energy from the field to the silo.

Cracker for every job

Where others struggle in maize, with its R and RS crackers the new Fendt Katana 650 glides through in any working conditions. Both roller cracker options have a huge roller diameter of 300 mm. The new Fendt crackers are marked for their excellent grain and crop pulping results, maximum cost-effectiveness and the lowest wear. The chopped crop is beautifully squeezed and crushed thanks to the huge contact surface between the large rollers. The aggressive surface texture of the rollers and the big difference in rpm tear in every grain and every part of the crop. Every grain is crushed and even woody stems and shafts are pulled apart. After all, high preparation quality also means higher profitability.

The new roller crackers are ideal, with an extremely large roller diameter of 300 mm. For use in grass, you can quickly and effortlessly retract the cracker using a ratchet mechanism.

No grain gets past the ultra efficient R cracker with sawtooth profile. Thanks to the vast processing space between the large rollers and a speed difference of 30% or 40% between the two conditioner rollers, it delivers superior pulping results.

Especially for long-cut silage, the RS roller cracker with its sawtooth profile and additional V-spiral groove is the perfect choice. Even woody parts of the stalk are completely spliced thanks to the overlapping longitudinal and transverse pulping motion of the spiral groove.

Visio5 cab

You have the best view from the highest point on the land. That applies to the Visio5 cab as well. Its all-round windows guarantee the best visibility. It is also exceptionally spacious. The ergonomic arrangement of the air-suspended seat and the control elements in the armrest are unbeatable when it comes to comfort. With new windows that reduce the noise level in the cab, we have yet again made your work much more comfortable, especially on those long working days.

Factory-installed HD wearing parts set

Wear-resistant HD components are available for the crop flow system. This way you can prolong the lifetime of wearing parts and achieve greater operational reliability during the harvest.

Made for any situation – the Fendt Katana on grassland

In its element in grass

The new Fendt Katana 650 makes light work of forage harvesting. Confident and unstoppable, the powerful engine and durable pickup work their way through different sized swathes. The feed rollers and knife drums do their job precisely. The integrated metal detector guarantees maximum safety. You only need to make yourself comfortable in the ergonomic cab.

Economical ECO mode

During grassland operations where less power is normally required under normal conditions, the strengths of the Eco drive mode come into full play. With the two-speed angular gearbox, operators can switch between Eco and Power modes according to need and save precious fuel. This is accomplished by reducing the speed of the engine from 1900 to 1520 rpm. The speed of the chopping units remains constant.

The discharge blower on the new Fendt Katana is like an open rotor with v-shaped discharge elements. It can be fitted with smooth or serrated paddles, depending on the requirements.

Multi-function armrest

Ergonomic, easy to use, precise: the unrivalled multifunction armrest from Fendt makes controlling the Fendt Katana forage harvester a pleasure. With the rocker switches or membrane keypad, you have the most important functions in control at all times and can control your Katana precisely with only one hand, thanks to the stringent Fendt operating logic for the hardware and software.

One push of a button is enough for Eco/Power mode to show its strength.
From the discharge chute to the header control – the multifunction lever has the crop under control at all times. Ergonomics and short paths like in no other forage harvester
The roller pressure pad on the pick-up is easy to operate with the rocker switch on the back of the multifunction lever. It allows you to pivot the swinging frame manually for maize work and actuate the indicator in road mode.
The 10.4" Varioterminal with colour display and touch screen (rotary control and keys also possible) is easy to use and guarantees full machine monitoring, to keep the machine working reliably.

When driving forward, you can see the fill level of the accompanying vehicle through the camera on the discharge chute. When reversing, the image is automatically switched to the reversing camera.