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Fendt Lotus. The Lotus of the tedders.

The unique Fendt Performance tines make the Fendt Lotus one of the most efficient tedders in its class. The shape and position of the Fendt Performance tines ensure greater volumes of grass and hay are shifted. The Lotus models are extremely stable so you can enjoy high travel speeds and up to 50% more area coverage. For maximum impact and perfect results.

So simple

Good feed is essential for successful livestock rearing – that's why we're setting new standards with the Fendt Lotus. With their innovative design, the unique Fendt Performance tines are much more flexible than conventional tines. Perfectly adapting to the ground contour effectively prevents damage to the sward and contamination to the mowed material. The tine position and shape guarantee unsurpassed performance – the best way to pick up mowed material. The position of the tines ensures extremely fast working speeds. Together with its ability to handle even huge crop volumes, the Fendt Lotus is particularly powerful.

New standards in turning – for the highest quality base feed.

Low speed, high power

Turning gently but making the most of every minute – the Fendt Lotus makes light work of it all. The dragging tine position together with the hook solution ensures the mowed material is very gently turned. With a PTO speed of just 400 to 450 rpm, the Fendt Lotus is very gentle on the crop, picks up extremely high volumes, and distributes extremely well for effective drying. This is all thanks to the position of the double performance tines, the special angle of the tines and the tilt-adjustable rotors – for the best turning results in its class.