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The Fendt Rogator is always the right choice.

Flexible drawbar

The universal drawbar allows the Rogator 300 to be used with clevis-type coupling and hitch-type couplings, with all drawbar eyes available on the market, or with ball couplings. You can switch between clevis-type coupling and hitch-type coupling at any time. The tractor’s load-sensing hydraulics are a fuel-efficient driver of the Rogator 300, with a PTO drive also available on request.

Sturdy frame

The unbendable backbone of the machine, developed from the self-propelled frame, forms the basis for precise application and therefore effective use of your spray liquid. The boom is guided in front of the rear axle, so that the chassis only transfers minimal movements to the boom. The Rogator 300 always works with the utmost precision.

Perfect trailing with OptiSteer-steering axle

The 30° steering angle thanks to the OptiSteer steering axle allows for a turning radius of just 3.8 m, which is always perfectly coordinated with the tractor’s rear axle. The Fendt Rogator is therefore highly agile, and even protects uncut crop when turning. The highperformance hydraulics or air pressure brake ensures safety on the roads, regardless of whether the tank is full or empty. Wheel tracks from 2 m to 2.25 m are available on request.

Single wheel suspension

The unique single wheel suspension with stability control provides for an unrivalled driving experience. In doing so it takes stability to new levels. Fendt Stability Control (FSC) can safely negotiate bumps and jolts even at high speeds, with the main benefit being smooth boom guidance in the field. On the road, potential rocking is kept to an absolute minimum by FSC.


Total directional stability ensures that damage and reductions to yields are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Mosaic

    Total directional stability ensures that damage and reductions to yields are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Mosaic

    The high ground clearance of up to 85 cm, and the smooth undercarriage with no sharp edges keep crop damage to an absolute minimum.

  • Mosaic

    The intelligent OptiSteer steering axle detects the radius of the tractor’s rear axle and the speed, and therefore knows exactly when it must be steered and by how much to accurately follow the rear axle’s track. The combination therefore keeps to the track and damage to the crop is minimised.

  • Mosaic

    Without OptiSteer steering, there are shifts in the tramlines as the sprayer is not trailed precisely.

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