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Simply a great cut.

The Fendt disc mowers with Slicer TKC and TRC transport chassis stand for power and maximum flexibility. Both the 3.0 m working width version and the 3.5 m working width version are either equipped with a tine or a roller conditioner. The centrally articulated drawbar allows you to mow to the right, left or directly behind the tractor. The robust part-turn gearbox helps prevent the implement driveline from breaking. This ensures perfect manoeuvrability and extremely consistent power output together with low wear. The compact angle drive in the cutterbed results in a exceptionally clean cut, as each mower disc is driven separately with the same force.

The right gap

The Fendt Slicer TKC and TRC cutterbed is picked up by the outer points of the sturdy support frame. The mower is perfectly adapted to uneven ground thanks to the parallelogram suspension. The springs only shorten slightly during oscillation, which allows for very even cutterbed relief. The contact pressure can be flexibly set by the adjustable spring assembly between 200 kg and the weight of the complete mower to suit the wide range of applications. The upper frame of the mower also provides considerable mobility. Thanks to the three-dimensional ground following, you can rely on a really clean cut even under extreme conditions. The mower is extremely easy to pull thanks to the traction point located right at the front of the machine.

Precision work all along the line

Your Fendt Slicer harvests forage just as you want it. The central, stepless cutting height adjustment can be easily adjusted by 3.5 to 7 cm using the manual crank without the need for tools. This allows you to always mow at the right height. The intensity of the tine conditioner can also be set easily and without using tools, to enable tines to react individually to the harvesting conditions. The mower demonstrates its enormous manoeuvrability and ground clearance, more than anywhere else, on headlands and on the roads. The lifting height ensures that you pass over swathes on headlands without any losses. The Fendt Slicer models therefore impress not only due to the exceptional forage quality they produce, but also with their user friendliness.

The centre drawbar of the Fendt Slicer TKC and TRC provides you with maximum flexibility.

The standard 40 km/h licence allows quick transfer to the next location.

The exceptional lifting height gives you the freedom you need.

A tool box has been integrated into the Fendt Slicer 3575 T drawbar for quick maintenance work.