The new Fendt 300 Vario!

Four models, a whole lot of power.

The Fendt 300 Vario is not only versatile, is it perfectly matched to your needs. Four top models to choose from.

  • The 311 Vario is the basic model and delivers 113 hp.
  • With the 312 Vario you have a powerful 123 hp to work with.
  • You get a whopping 133 hp with the 313 Vario.
  • And with our top-of-the-range model 314 Vario you get up to 152 hp (maximum power with DynamicPerformance).

We have made it our mission to take something good and make it even better. That's why we developed Fendt DynamicPerformance for the 314 Vario. Our smart power boost concept delivers added performance just when you need it. Increase your area capacity and productivity with up to 10 hp extra power, at any driving speed.

Three configurations, three bundles of pure driving comfort. Whether you choose the Power, Profi or Profi+, the new Fendt 300 Vario is beautifully designed down to the last detail. See for yourself:

  • Our VisioPlus cab always gives you the best visibility. No cross bars getting in the way and a clear view so you can be at one with your field.
  • Intuitive controls, an ergonomic multifunction joystick and a concept that thrives on individualisation – FendtONE is your driver's workstation for the future.
  • And because we know that comfort isn't everything, the Fendt 300 Vario offers flexible front power lift configurations for best forage quality when mowing.
  • For superior productivity, you can enjoy the new 300 Vario SectionControl, VariableRateControl, Contour Assistant and the Task Doc documentation system – embracing the same technology as our 1000 Vario series. Because innovation comes in all sizes.
  • You can spot the new models by the logo on the cab door. We have redesigned the logo – so you can tell right away that FendtONE is packed inside.