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Gentle. Versatile. Used to heights. Fendt Tigo ST and S.

We have the right loading wagon for every farm – with the great selection in the Fendt Tigo ST and S ranges, including 3 different loading capacities, just choose the right model for you. The Tigo ST has a lowered centre of gravity and an extra wide track. This increases stability and makes it a fantastic partner at high altitude and on slopes.

Tigo 35 ST

Tigo 40 STTigo 50 STTigo 35 S

Tigo 40 S

Tigo 50 S

Volumes in accordance with DIN 11741

22 m³

24,5 m³

29 m³22 m³24,5 m³29 m³

Permissible overall weight*

5.250 kg

9.000 kg

9.000 kg

6.200 kg

9.500/10.000 kg

9.500/10.000 kg

* = specific to the country

The most versatile of all the loading wagons.

Your forage harvesting partner

With the Tigo ST and S you have the choice between 2 different builds and a whole host of practical features. The Tigo is fitted with a collapsible dry feed assembly as standard – making even the smaller Tigo models extremely efficient and powerful. Choose the optional full steel construction for maximum stability, with every bit of silage unloaded. You can opt for the hay loading bundle for perfect hay or straw loading. This includes a compaction wall at the front and additional tubular bars and steel cables instead of conventional ropes.

Super manoeuvrable, super powerful

The Fendt Tigo ST and S are absolute professionals. Choose from 3 different loading capacities from 22 m³ to 29 m³. The Tigo 35 S or ST is an agile single-axle model, while the 40 and 50 are powerful tandem axle models. The gentle swing-arm unit results in the best quality feed – ideal for your grazing stock. The optional acoustic level indicator helps you keep an eye on loading. This saves the driver having to get out and check.

Top-class stability

Despite the low unladen weight, the Tigo ST and S are particularly stable. It's all thanks to the uniquely stable chassis frame. The flexible welded design is both twist and torsion-resistant in both directions. The Tigo S and ST overcome even the toughest conditions with the stable chassis with a single or tandem axle or a tandem axle and leaf suspension.

Equipped for altitudes

The Tigo ST series was developed especially for high-altitude work. These draught loading wagons meet the most demanding requirements of hilly regions – the Tigo ST makes light work of steep traverses and tough terrain. With a platform height around 25 cm lower than the Tigo S, Tigo ST models have a particularly low centre of gravity. What's more, the extra wide track of 2.12 m means that Tigo ST models are incredibly stable. This ensures safe, stable and easy handling – even in extreme situations.