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1000x progress in the field

Be a part of our success story!

1000x Fendt Tigo

Driven by the success of Fendt tractors, we pass on all our knowledge, passion and visions to our forage harvesting technology. We have been doing this with such great success that we are on the verge of delivering the 1000th Fendt Tigo. Since its launch at Agritechnica 2017, the Fendt Tigo has impressed our customers with its unique and pioneering technology, which stands for superior efficiency and power.

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This is what real progress looks like.

14 reasons that make Fendt Tigo indispensable.

Fendt 900 Vario & Fendt Tigo

Compact and efficient payload champion

  • Up to 1.7 t more payload
  • Up to one metre shorter than conventional loading wagons
  • Up to 1,339 l less diesel consumption per season
Multifunctional bulkhead Fendt Tigo

10 years of original multifunctional bulkhead

  • Perfect utilisation of the total loading volume with the bulkhead as loading and feeding wall
  • Additional output in many output classes (MR. Profi, PR, VR/XR)
Fendt 900 Vario & Fendt Tigo

VarioFill - Infinitely variable automatic loading and unloading

  • Perfect connection of the highest loading performance and fodder protection
  • Driver relief on long days
Fendt 900 Vario & Fendt Tigo

Welded instead of screwed

  • Closed, welded structure made of all-steel with integrated cross member for maximum stability and long-term quality
  • Welded chassis instead of maintenance-intensive screw solution
TIM diagram

Tigo controls the vehicle speed (TIM)

  • The loading wagon regulates maximum travel speed of the tractor, depending on pick-up load.
  • Fully automatic throughput control
  • Permanent driver relief and full focus on monitoring the loading process.
Fendt Tigo

Hydraulic pick-up

  • Clean and sensitive pick-up
  • Combines best running smoothness with no maintenance instead of noisy chain drive and screw solution
Main rotor drive Fendt Tigo

Main rotor drive maintenance-free and durable

  • Direct spur wheel drive in the oil bath instead of belt and angle drive
Fendt 900 Vario & Fendt Tigo

Proactive prevention of deposits and contamination

  • Friction arms, plastic scrapers for less fodder contamination and optimised crop flow
  • Closed scraper floor strips
  • Laterally continuous panels for optimum material flow
  • No profiles that become clogged when used as a combination car as well as sloping fender
Fendt 900 Vario & Fendt Tigo

Highest operational safety and long-term quality

  • Processing: Protected installation of electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems
Fendt Tigo rotor

Gentle crop flow and forage quality

  • Widest bearing surface of the rotor tines with 1150 mm on the market
  • Gentle forage conveyance up to 4 m height thanks to the extremely large bearing surface
  • Smallest cutting gap with 3.5 mm for precise cut without squeezing and crushing
  • Long-lasting rotor tines made of Hardox can be exchanged individually with 25 mm width
Articulated drawbar Fendt Tigo

Perfect adaptation to the ground contour for best loading performance

  • Articulated drawbar with hydraulic position control
  • Full crop flow through fully automatic adjustment with constant pick-up opening angle
  • No manual readjustment
Fendt Tigo pick-up

High ground clearance as a forage wagon

  • Up to 80 cm ground clearance even with built-in pick-up
  • Up to 1.7 t lighter and thus no removal of the picks-up necessary
  • Sensing roller coupled with pick-up wheels, which disappear completely under the wagon
Fendt Stability Control Fendt Tigo

Superior driving safety and comfort

  • Hydropneumatic suspension and automatic level control
  • FSC (Fendt Stability Control) for level compensation on slopes and in curves
  • Also with 60 km/h approval
Knife sharpener Fendt Tigo

Mobile FlexSharp knife sharpener

  • Knife sharpener in the installed state
  • Universal application (Tigo XR, Tigo VR and Tigo PR)
  • Can also be used with round baler knives

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