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VarioGuide track guidance. Because rule of thumb calculations don’t pay off.

Precision to the centimetre. The more precisely you work, the more it pays off. This is what the Fendt VarioGuide automated guidance system already delivered in over 15,000 machines. Using highly accurate satellite technology, your tractor or harvester is able to work to a precision of +/-2 cm, even at night or in poor visibility. The result: Your fleet is optimally utilised, while gaps and overlaps are virtually eliminated and area coverage is increased. This in turn achieves a more economical and therefore efficient utilisation of expensive farm inputs. VarioGuide allows savings of up to ten per cent.

Economy with ease

Fendt VarioGuide therefore means cash savings for farmers and contractors. Precise metering, fewer passes and reduced use of fertilisers and pesticides mean not only lower costs, but also better environmental outcomes. At the same time, operators work under considerably less strain in the field, and results are optimised. As tractors automatically follow the optimal track at all times, operators are able to focus fully on other important matters such as monitoring their implements.

Fendt VarioGuide Contour Assistant and adaptive Curve

In this Video you will learn the new characteristics about the Fendt VarioGuide Contour Assistant and the associated new waylines: “Contour Segment and Single Contour track” type. Additionally, there is adaptive curve, another new wayline type for your VarioGuide system. Through these additional features you can make your work processes more efficient.

Track guidance for all who prefer to stick to their precise targets.

The VarioGuide full-screen mode has been expanded by valuable controls. The most important VarioGuide functions can, for example, be controlled without changing screens. The QuickJump function continues to be available for switching directly and quickly to other operating interfaces.

PowerPlus tractors also allow the VarioGuide steering system to be used with the Varioterminal 7” at all levels of precision!

Always on the ball

The new version of the Fendt VarioGuide gives you a choice of two different receiver systems: NovAtel® or Trimble®. Existing Trimble® RTK infrastructures on farms such as NTRIP can continue to be used. The systems support a number of correction signals, depending on the respective receiver, including EGNOS/WAAS, RangePoint™RTX™, CenterPoint RTX™ and NTRIP. If you lose your signal due to terrain issues, VarioGuide uses Trimble®-xFill™ technologyto continue work reliably up to 20 minutes without a correction signal available.

NovAtel or Trimble

Fendt VarioGuide always offers you free choice. Use the inexpensive, effective NovAtel receiver or the Trimble receiver with even more options. You decide which terminal you prefer to use. Both the Varioterminal 7” and Varioterminal 10.4” deliver excellent performance with all available receivers and signals.

GNSS-Receiver NovAtel and Trimble

Which correction service is best? Easy – the one that matches your needs best. Fendt VarioGuide gives you free choice from a range of precision levels: the GNSS receivers NovAtel Standard and Trimble Standard support the satellite-based EGNOS/WAAS correction signals as well as RangePoint RTX, if combined with a Trimble AG-382 receiver.

Fendt VarioGuide receiver

An upgrade to NovAtel RTK additionally

gives you access to more precise RTK signals via radio and mobile networks, while an upgrade to the Trimble RTK receiver delivers even greater precision of up to +/- 2 cm repeatable accuracy.

Signals Fendt VarioGuide receiver

Installation of the GNSS receiver under the roof hatch: Optimal protection against theft, weather and damage!

Whether you work with tractors, forage harvesters or combines – VarioGuide is available for all Fendt machines.

Retrofitting the new Fendt VarioGuide track guidance system

If you already have a ProfiPlus tractor of the 500 to 900 Vario series and wish to use the new VarioGuide receivers, that’s easily done. Not a problem! Retrofit kits are available for all ProfiPlus tractors to ensure that your existing tractor always remains up to date. Previously used (Topcon) VarioGuide receivers continue to be compatible with the new ProfiPlus tractors.