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Up to 50% discount on Smart-Farming solutions

The benefits of the CONTOUR SEGMENT wayline:

  • Quick and easy wayline creation
  • Clear time savings
  • Increased quality of work due to consistent use
  • of the steering system even on headlands

The benefits of the SINGLE TRACK wayline type:

  • Use of the steering system including on special crops which have been planted without a steering system
  • Simple working and optimised operation thanks to automatic turning manoeuvres
  • Full concentration on machine performance
  • Consideration of obstacles

Up to 50% discount on Smart-Farming solutions

The benefits of VARIODOC PRO:

  • A GPS position is recorded together with additional machine data every 5 metres
  • Data transmission is ensured over large distances and regardless of the location thanks to radio technology
  • The ideal solution for subcontractors and machinery cooperatives with shared data management
  • Use of application cards in ISO-XML and Shape format

Up to 50% discount on Smart-Farming solutions


  • Resource savings
  • Precise process triggering
  • Easier operation
  • Precise turning onto the next track
  • Effective use of the steering system even on headlands
  • Programming can be performed at a standstill and
  • in operating mode

Up to 50% discount on Smart-Farming solutions

The benefits of SECTIONCONTROL:

  • Automatic switching of sections on all compatible devices
  • Support for up to 36 sections
  • Savings of up to 15% in the output volumes of fertilisers, sprays etc.
  • Crop-related aspects (work with superior precision to save not only fertiliser and seeds, but also avoid residue)
  • Maximum environmental protection and conservation of resources

Up to 50% discount on Smart-Farming solutions

The benefits of VRC:

  • Automatic transfer of field boundaries
  • Up to 5 different products can be applied simultaneously
  • Resource savings (seeds, fertiliser, pesticides etc.)
  • Maximisation of section yield
  • Documentation basis for legal requirements

Regular software updates for performance capacity which grows with time

From update to upgrade

Fendt Variotronic keeps you up to date with the latest technology even after many years of use. How is this possible? Through unique software updates with new auxiliary functions, which Fendt makes available to customers at no charge* up to twice per year. The easiest option is for you to have your Variotronic updated by your dealer as part of regular maintenance (note that labour will be charged). This not only ensures that your Fendt machine retains both its technological edge and its value, but also keeps your investment as up to date as on the day of purchase.

*Software updates are subject to limited compatibility. A fee may be charged for loading new software. For more information, contact your dealer.

Lifelong benefits

Fendt customers are always at the leading edge of technology. This starts when you buy your Variotronic machine and simply continues throughout your machine’s service life,as we make newly developed functions available to existing machines of current and older model years (provided their hardware is compatible) rather than restrict them to future models. We also maintain reliability of use, efficacy and operating comfort at consistently high levels.

Upgrades and retrofits

When you bought your machine, did you perhaps decide against functions that you now really would like to have? Lucky that you went for a Fendt with Variotronic! Whether VariableRateControl, SectionControl, VariotronicTI automatic headland management or VarioDoc Pro –update these functions on the Fendt 500 Vario to 1000 ProfiPlus! Updates and upgrades are also available for the Katana forage harvester and the Rogator 600 self-propelled sprayer. This ensures maximum performance capacity and proactive value retention.

Examples of exclusive software updates