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Working and leaning back at the same time.

Best visibility – day or night

Ideal visibility

All-round visibility from the cab is guaranteed. The large glazed areas in the cab provide an unobstructed view to the header as well as the feed and discharge areas, which makes adjusting the machine much easier. The engine on the Katana is mounted longitudinally so it can be positioned lower, which allows low sightlines towards the rear of the machine. This gives operators a perfect view in all directions.

The practical right armrest, which is very popular with Fendt tractor drivers, has been adopted and adapted to the forage harvester.
Functions such as open/close maize header and pick-up support wheels, header tilt, lift/lower discharge chute are conveniently controlled using the toggle switches.
The drink holder, within reach of the driver, holds two bottles.
A large cool box for refreshments is located under the comfortable passenger seat.
A comfortable passenger seat comes as standard in the Fendt Katana forage harvester.
One push of the button is all it takes and the ECO/Power mode plays to its strengths.

Innovations as far as the eye can see.

Light at night

In forage harvester operations, every single minute counts, day or night. The extensive lighting concept provides bright and far-reaching illumination around the Fendt Katana, so that work can continue, even when it is dark outside. The wide steps are illuminated to allow safe climbing up and down from the machine.


Best working conditions in the dark thanks to optional LED maintenance lighting.

  • Mosaic

    Best working conditions in the dark thanks to optional LED maintenance lighting.

  • Mosaic

    Well thought-out positioning of the LED lights facilitate work around the machine at dusk or when dark and save energy.

  • Mosaic

    Extensive lighting package is easy to operate.

  • Mosaic

    3 pairs of work lights in the roof, driving lights in the front of the roof, side finder lights and a rotating beacon.

  • Mosaic

    Powerful LED work lights on discharge chute available as an option.

  • Mosaic

    The entrance lighting helps you climb into the cab safely.

Switch and turn off

One glance at the new Varioterminal 10.4” in tablet form says a thousand words. This irreplaceable assistant has already established itself in the Fendt tractors and combines. Now all the most important parameters have a new design and are available in your Fendt Katana forage harvester. Another plus: the steering column. Important parameters, such as diesel and AdBlue fill levels as well as the driving lights, are indicated directly on the steering column, so you do not have to look at the terminal when driving on the road.

Varioterminal screen on the road

When driving on the road, the ground speed and engine speed, the fill levels for diesel and AdBlue, as well as the temperature, support wheel function and fuel consumption can be monitored in the terminal.

Varioterminal screen in the field

Information about the utilisation of the forage harvester, cutting length, header and feed roller speed as well as the preselected working and lifting heights for the header are clearly displayed here.

From the discharge chute to the header control – the multifunction lever has the crop under control at all times. Ergonomics and short paths like in no other forage harvester.

The 10.4” Varioterminal with colour display, touchscreen (operation using rotary control and keys is also possible) is easy to operate and guarantees detailed machine monitoring, to keep the machine operating reliably.

360° ride comfort

Anticipatory driving during operation – with the Fendt Katana forage harvesters. Just like sustained ride comfort Activate the fully automatic driving mode through VarioGuide and the forage harvester goes on its way. If you would rather keeps things under control yourself: you have ideal visibility in all directions from the driver seat.

Precision from above

The Fendt Vario technologies make you faster and more precise than ever. The new Fendt VarioGuide guidance system steers your Fendt Katana in two accuracy levels, +/- 20 cm and +/- 2 cm, thereby maximising area coverage. You have a choice of two different receivers and correction services.

The roller pressure pad on the pick-up is easy to operate with the rocker switch on the back of the multifunction lever. It allows you to pivot the swinging frame manually in maize operations and actuate the blinker in road mode.

In addition to the worked area in ha, a new yield measuring function records the harvested fresh mass and output.

Calibration is done through simple counter-weighing.

Always the right speed

With the maximum load control, the road speed is automatically adjusted to the respective harvesting and crop conditions. Engine power is optimally utilised to achieve maximum output and to make the operator’s work easier. Machine utilisation is clearly displayed in the Varioterminal.

The exclusive Fendt maximum output control automatically controls the forward ground speed of the Fendt Katana dependent on the crop density. The engine power is utilised optimally to achieve maximum harvesting performance.

The engine load reduction and maximum driving speed with the automatic maximum output control can be set in the terminal in order to adjust the automated function to the prevailing conditions.