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Nothing is as reliable as your Fendt Katana. With the exception of our service.

The one-of-a-kind Fendt Service already begins with your first drive – and from then on, it is always there for you. During operation, or in the rare case of a malfunction: you are never alone in a Fendt Katana forage harvester. Unrivalled are the unique diagnostics directly in the terminal. Self-explanatory information shows parameters from the electrics and electronics, speeds, and also fault messages in full detail. That is possible through machine monitoring via CAN-bus electronics. Malfunctions can be prevented in advance, or, if the case arises, remedied as fast as possible. That increases efficiency, uptime and therefore your satisfaction.

100 percent service

To ensure that your Fendt Katana forage harvester delivers 100 percent performance at all times, we offer you 100 percent service. In addition to the best diagnostics-capability and ease of repair, this includes availability of replacement parts 24/7 during the harvesting season. We can guarantee that through a tight network of Fendt harvesting centres. The Fendt service network also guarantees fast lines of communication between you and our trained service employees. Any complex Service questions can be answered by the Service department in our headquarters. It can also find a fast solution to them, 100 percent.

Non-stop operational reliability

Are you already familiar with the Fendt Service? You should be, because the combination of maintenance contract and extended warranty offers the highest operational reliability. To make sure you can rely on your Fendt Katana forage harvester non-stop, you can give it to one of our national and international award-winning Fendt Service partners for a post-harvest check.

By the way, you can also get a Fendt Certified forage harvester there: Fendt certified pre-owned vehicles including a one-year warranty, which can be extended up to the 5th year or 3,000 operating hours. Non-stop service over the entire life cycle of your Fendt.

Ensure that your Fendt machine retains its value and is always ready for use with our Fendt Service benefits. Fendt offers a wide range of products to cover the repair risk on new machines. Benefit from first-class services, and from repair and maintenance services at attractive fixed prices.

You will receive a yearly update for the complete Fendt Katana software from your dealer. Then you can profit from new, additional features for your Fendt. That gives you access to new operating benefits as well as a proactive retention of value, since your forage harvester is always kept up to date.

Convenient and barrier-free: the care and maintenance points of the Fendt Katana.

The components on the Katana are especially easy to access thanks to large maintenance flaps, which open upwards, not sideways. The maintenance lighting makes all the difference in the dark.

Designed for comfort

The clever design of the Fendt Katana forage harvester makes maintenance work a pleasure – and ensures it is done quickly. Every location is easy to access, many components can be reached from the ground at an ideal working height. No component blocks access to important testing and cleaning areas. Even the integral ladder can be folded up, which provides the best possible access to the inner components. Even more unrestricted free space for maintenance exists thanks to the wide entrance on both sides as well as the generously dimensioned maintenance platform between the chopping assembly and engine.

Open for saving time

The fewer the required hand movements, the faster the maintenance. So don’t lose any time: Open the large side flaps using the space-saving parallelogram linkage system. Remove the rear mudguard in no time flat without tools. Set the intervals for the central lubrication system conveniently from the Varioterminal. And should they ever become necessary, despite the rugged and durable construction, you will receive replacement parts within the shortest time.

Easily accessible storage and battery compartments at the rear of the vehicle offer plenty of space, for example for the optional toolbox.

Three integrated compressed air connections permit important parts of the vehicle to be dry cleaned directly in the field.

Available directly through AGCO Parts:

Assembly wagon for the intake for fast access to the chopping assembly. Practical construction on rollers enables easy handling.

Assembly support for easy, fast assembling and disassembling of the chopping assembly for cleaning and maintenance.