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The better the crop flow, the higher the output.

Six feed rollers for maximum compression of the crop

High-capacity discharge blower

Efficient V-Cracker

Large chopping drums with 720 mm diameter for smooth running

Perfect crop flow from intake to discharge

The perfect interplay of all components ensures a unique crop flow in the Fendt Katana forage harvesters. From the header to the feed rollers and the knife drum to the V-Cracker, all individual components are infinitely adjustable to meet your individual needs. That increases throughput, lowers wear and ensures first-class, homogeneous chopped material.

High throughput for all types of crops

Whether you’re harvesting grass or maize, wet or dry crops: the six hydraulically driven feed rollers transfer the crop smoothly to the cutterhead – one of the key points in producing perfect Fendt Katana chopping quality. A great volume of material is collected here and then highly compressed. This boosts throughput and, at the same time, ensures an excellent cut of fibres, stalks and kernels of all kinds. Automatic shearbar adjustment with knife wear detection is available from now for the Fendt Katana forage harvesters.

Fully integrated silage additive system

The silage additive system, which can be controlled using the Varioterminal, permits application of additives to the crop. The Varioterminal supplies information about the fill level of the tank and the current flow volumes. The silage additive is stored in an optional 215 litre tank on the right-hand side of the vehicle. By the way, you can also clean the crop flow channel using the dosing system.

Factory-installed HD wearing parts set

Wear-resistant HD components are available for the crop flow system. This way you can prolong the lifetime of wearing parts and achieve greater operational reliability during the harvest.

The new generation of the V-cracker from the Fendt Katana 85 is now also available as standard for the Fendt Katana 65.

Six feed rollers for effective crop feed

Crop feed over six feed rollers guarantees optimal precompression of the chopped material and produces high quality chopping results. The 770-mm width of the rollers permits feeding of large quantities of material. The cutting length can be infinitely adjusted from 2.6 to 42 mm, depending on the cutting drum, from the driver seat. Thanks to the independent hydrostatic header and feed roller drivelines, the header speed can be optimally adapted to the harvesting conditions. The cutting length remains constant.

  • 6 feed rollers 770 mm wide for intake of high quantities of material
  • Hydrostatic drive for feed rollers infinitely adjustable
  • Large distance between metal detector and drum (970 mm)
  • Sensitivity of the metal detector can be set to 6 levels in the terminal
  • Position of foreign object is displayed in the terminal
  • Activation of detector triggers warning signal as info for accompanying vehicle (enable via terminal)

Protects against foreign objects

There is a large distance between the metal detector and the cutterhead to allow for enough time to detect metal objects, even with long cutting lengths. If there are foreign objects in the feed area, the main drive automatically comes to an immediate stop, which is the reliable way to prevent cost-intensive repairs to the machine.

Big, ingenious and flexible

With a 720 mm diameter, the Fendt Katana has the largest cutterhead on the market. The knives arranged in a v-formation perform at up to 23,000 cuts/min. (40 knife drum), a very high cutting frequency.

20 knife drum

  • Grassland drum for long lengths in grass and esp. miscanthus from 5.2 – 29 mm
  • Smooth running, also with very long chop lengths; optimal for loading only, when the focus is not on chopping

28 knife drum

  • Large cutting length range with one drum
  • Half knife set with chop lengths of 7.4 – 41.4 mm possible without a problem
  • Chop lengths von 3.7 – 20.7 mm with full knife set
  • All-purpose drum for a wide range of applications

40 knife drum

  • Even shorter cutting lengths possible for improved gas yield and higher output for bio-gas facilities, 2.6 – 14.5 mm
  • Higher throughput with short cutting lengths compared to standard cutterhead
  • Improved compression of substrate for lower silage losses

Always razor sharp

The automatic knife sharpening system quickly returns the hardened knives to their full sharpness. The whetstone for the knives is readjusted on both sides, so the knives are sharpened uniformly. The sharpening time can be conveniently adjusted in the Varioterminal.

Automatically sharp thanks to shearbar adjustment

Perfectly chopped material does not happen by itself, but rather with the automatic shearbar adjustment on the Fendt Katana 65:

  • automatic adjustment and easy to operate from the terminal
  • Knife wear indicator shows degradation of the knives
  • adjustable clearance in 6 steps
  • constant high quality of the cut reduces wear at the same time

Chop Quality

The biggest cutterhead

With a 720 mm diameter, the Fendt Katana has the largest cutterhead on the market. The knives arranged in a v-formation perform at up to 23,000 cuts/min. (40 knife drum), a very high cutting frequency.

V-Cracker guarantees thorough kernel processing

Fendt has chosen an ingenious design for the V-Cracker. By using rollers fitted with serrated discs the cracker gap length is more than doubled compared with standard rollers. If necessary, the cracker discs can be replaced individually. The new generation of the V-cracker from the Fendt Katana 85 is now also available as standard for the Fendt Katana 65.

Pivoting V-Cracker

The V-cracker can be quickly pivoted out of the crop flow channel electrohydraulically to a position behind the discharge blower, the grass channel is automatically brought into the correct position. This pivoting procedure can be preset in the Varioterminal and then conveniently triggered with a pushbutton located in the maintenance area, when required. That only takes a few seconds.

Everything must go

Save power

The discharge blower is like an open rotor with v-shaped discharge elements. It can be fitted with smooth or serrated paddles, depending on the requirements.

Flexible discharge chute

The discharge chute on the Fendt Katana can be rotated 210° and quickly changed over to the other side of the machine for unloading without a problem. The speed at which it rotates can be preselected in the Varioterminal and adapted to the prevailing harvesting conditions. The height can be adjusted hydraulically to up to six meters and even the highest transport vehicles can be loaded. Thanks to the excellent view to the discharge area, it is possible to fill the trailer precisely.

Loading height

Even with an unloading height of up to six metres, operators have the chute flap in full view. Optionally, the discharge chute can be extended to permit the loading vehicle to be filled optimally, even with wide headers.

When driving forward, you can see the fill level of the accompanying vehicle through the camera on the discharge chute.

When reversing, the image is automatically switched to the reversing camera.