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The Fendt X and P Series

Technology for the future challenges in agriculture. The combines in the new Fendt X-Series and P-Series offer a selection of high-performance combines for farms that require power, reliability and the highest level of technology. The new models are tailored precisely to the needs of large-scale agricultural farms and contractors, where the focus is on operating costs and machine efficiency.

8380 P379 hp279 kW
8380 P AL379 hp279 kW
8410 P404 hp297 kW
8410 P AL404 hp297 kW
9490 X 496 hp*365 kW*
9490 X AL496 hp*365 kW*

* incl. boost, maximum output to ISO14396

360° virtual tour - Location Breganze

Fendt combine production

All Fendt combines in the mid-sized class as well as the hybrid and 8-straw walker models in the high-horsepower class, which are distributed in Europe, are produced in the factory in Breganze, Italy. The ultra-modern facility covers 220,000 m2, more than 400 people are employed there.

Take a virtual tour of the combine harvester plant at Breganze.

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Harvest Promise

Fendt Harvest Promise

Because during harvest time, it is important to have a partner you can count on. That is why we give you our harvest promise: We will do everything to ensure your harvest is up and running:

  • We react quickly, because our Fendt dealers keep replacement parts for your Fendt combine in stock.
  • Just to make sure you really believe us, we will reimburse the costs for a replacement machine, if crucial replacement parts are not available within 24 hours.

All in all, simply Fendt.

A promise is a promise.

  • A widespread warehouse network for fast delivery of spare parts
  • Supply of spare parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reimbursement of costs for replacement machines*

To the dealer directory

* More information on the conditions for this programme is available from your participating Fendt dealer.


Machine of the Year

The AGCO/Fendt Team was pleased to receive the “Machine of the Year” award at the official awards ceremony. The Fendt Variotronic was also a major factor in winning the award for the Fendt X-Model. Fendt has consistently implemented and perfectly integrated the operating interface and technologies in the new combine with hybrid technology. A clear advantage in practice, because Fendt operators always find the same operating logic in all of their machines. Further convincing selling points are the 10.74 m wide PowerFlow table as well as the optional ATRAK track. “We are especially proud to be able to accept a major award in the professional harvesting segment. We have made significant investments in the harvesting division and, here at the Agritechnica, we have demonstrated that we are situated in the top class for both tractors and harvesting machinery,” said Andreas Loewel, Managing Director of AGCO Deutschland GmbH.

The 360° camera system. Enhanced overview and safety.

With a new sophisticated 360° camera system, Fendt now offers more visibility and safety all around the combine. Four ultra-wide cameras, attached to all four sides of the machine, combine the digital pictures into one single image on the terminal. Areas of the vehicle that are difficult to see into are visible and the operator sees the entire machine from a bird’s eye perspective. Effortless manoeuvring is possible. The 360° camera system is available for the Fendt combines in the X and P-Series. Fendt presents the system for the first time in public at the Agritechnica 2015 in the combine area.

Up to now, the X and P-Series combines were only available with reversing cameras as well as cameras on the unloading tube and the hitch to monitor machine operation. The new, state-of-the-art 360° camera system provides a tremendous increase in safety all around the combine, for example, during turning manoeuvres with limited space in the farmyard or in the machine shed. It reduces machine downtimes and repairs and lowers the risk of accidents. That saves time and money and increases efficiency. The 360° camera system will be available on the market for the Harvest 2016.

Up to 15 % increase in output with Constant Flow

More than 15% increase in output with Constant Flow

Constant Flow automatically controls the ground speed of Fendt combines dependent on the crop density.

Easy to operate

Fendt Constant Flow is easily activated with the multifunction joystick. Two sensors in the drive for the threshing unit continually monitor the load on the unit. Constant Flow enables perfect utilisation of the threshing unit through the automatic adjustment of harvesting speed relative to the quantity of crop in the threshing unit.

Up to 15% increase in output

The uniformly high crop feed into the threshing unit increases the threshing and separation capacity and reduces grain loss. Constant flow optimises productivity, especially when crops change. Up to 15% more output can be achieved in a number of different crops while lowering the losses. Operators do not need to work at keeping the machine in the optimum output range, but can concentrate on other tasks.

High output available at all times

The key to high machine performance is that the threshing unit is always completely and uniformly filled. If the crop becomes thinner, the machine needs more crop to utilise the full performance. The machine automatically increases the working speed to maintain the output constantly at its maximum.

Maximum efficiency paired with maximum reliability.

Environmentally friendly and economical

Fendt combines are powered by AGCO Power engines. These already comply with the currently highest Tier4 final. They contribute to protecting the environment and implement the latest technology to generate maximum power with minimum fuel requirement.

Optimised engine behaviour

The engine management is designed for an optimum torque curve. The combine needs this to deliver a constant output under load – according to demand. Together with the low-friction drives, this allows you to achieve a very low fuel consumption per tonne and excellent economy.

Long operating hours

The low fuel consumption of the machine also determines how long you can work without having to refuel. The Fendt X-Series and P-Series have a 1,000 litre fuel tank and an additional tank for 120 litres of AdBlue (DEF).

Best spare parts supply

Fendt offers you professional service and constantly sets standards in the industry in this area. Through regular training programmes, dealer network is trained to provide for a good spare parts inventory and to always keep the machines in operation during the harvest. Fendt and its dealers are ready to give you the best service possible for your investment.

Guaranteed maximum output on slopes

Easy and proven

All models of the Fendt X-Series and P-Series are available in an AutoLevel version. The integral rump levelling system, which pivots the final drives, levels the entire machine is levelled on slopes.

Full traction

An optional 4WD is available so that maximum traction is delivered on slopes at all times.

Everything in balance

The high performance of the Fendt combines in the X- and P-Series is fully utilised with the AutoLevel levelling also on slopes. With AutoLevel, the combine always stays horizontal on hilly terrain. Thus the throughput remains at a constant, high level thanks to the AutoLevel rump levelling system, which compensates for slopes up to 12 percent.

Operation around the clock

Today, a comprehensive lighting package is one of the most important customer requirements to enable safe and precise work well into the night. The Fendt combines in the X-Series and P-Series therefore have powerful lights that illuminate the most important areas of the machine at night as standard specification. Moreover, the Fendt machines have lights for the unloading auger, the edge of the crop and for reversing.

Fast and easy daily maintenance

The air intake screen flips up for easy cleaning from the top and the dust extraction keeps it clean, even under very dusty conditions. The platform offers safe access to the air intake screen and the radiators. Maintenance is fast and easy since there are only a few lubrication points and they are easily accessible. The straightforward mechanical design of the machines, minimises the number of drives, which significantly reduces the required maintenance. Then you can spend more time on more important things – namely, the harvest! Containers and filler necks for the various operating fluids are optimally placed for easy checking of the fill level or for refilling. The same applies to the engine air filter. Large side flaps offer easy access to the machine components for daily maintenance or quick monitoring.

Plenty of space in the engine compartment

Check fill levels

Clean air filter

Chopper settings

Chopper maintenance access

Track with 3.49 m outer width

Fendt offers the Fendt ATRAK system for harvesting conditions where crawler tracks are required. Positive power transmission, automatic track tensioning and low soil compaction, especially in wet conditions, are only a few advantages of this system. The four sprung crawler tracks provide a huge contact area, which minimises pressure on the soil. Furthermore, the machine moves more smoothly at higher speeds thanks to the track; this ensures higher ride comfort and precise table guidance. Decisive, however, is the 3.49-m maximum outer width of the Fendt combine with 635 mm wide tracks. Furthermore, Fendt offers a number of different tyres for the machines in the X-Series and P-Series. The Ultraflex tyre technology, in particular, creates a large contact area with low tyre pressures. That significantly lowers the risk of soil compaction.

Integrated final drives – specially developed for high loads
4 middle wheels ensure a giant contact
area with a high load bearing capability
Progressive, integral block suspension – simple but effective, for high ride comfort