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Reliably converts every drop of fuel into efficient power.

Fendt iD low engine speed concept

The powerful, highly efficient seven-cylinder motor of AGCO Power operates under the hood of Fendt 900 Vario MT. The engine generates up to 317 kW/431 HP from 9.8 l displacement at a rated speed of just 1700 rpm. Two turbo chargers with fixed geometry fitted one behind the other, ensure consistent performance. Thanks to the Fendt iD low engine speed concept, the maximum torque of 1921 Nm is already achieved with 1450 rpm. The speed range of the engine is between 1000 and 1700 rpm. During idle running, the engine speed is just 800 rpm. Experience unbridled power and extremely efficient work during every use thanks to Fendt iD.

Economical, low-emission, environmentally friendly

The Fendt 900 Vario MT fulfils the strict emission regulations level 4/tier 4 final. With the injection pressure of 2000 bar, combustion takes place very cleanly. A very small amount of particles is generated in the process, which makes a diesel particulate filter unnecessary. The electronically controlled and cooled exhaust gas recirculation recirculates a small part of the exhaust gases back to combustion. Other parts of exhaust gas treatment are the diesel oxidation catalyst,

in which AdBlue is also injected for emission control in the exhaust gas flow. This is followed by the SCR catalytic converter, which is housed in the lower part of the exhaust pipe on the right side of the vehicle and does not hamper the front view.

Unique cooling system

Efficient cooling is ensured by the unique Fendt Fan and Concentric Air System (CAS) cooling concept. Here, a forced-draft high performance fan is positioned in front of the cooler unit, where it sucks in cool dense air, accelerates it via the concentric hood and pushes it through the cooler. The CAS has its own hydrostatic drive, so it can always deliver ideal cooling power to each component according to need, independent of the engine speed. The fan is tilted upwards, which prevents harvesting residue from being sucked up from the ground.

Easy maintenance for long operating times

Do not waste time on extensive maintenance. Take advantage of the long maintenance intervals and perfect accessibility. Fresh air is sucked in at the front. The Venturi system of the air filter prevents many dirt particles from getting sucked in. In addition, a dust extraction system, which is driven by the vacuum of the CAS, ensures that the air filter remains efficient for longer periods. A contamination sensor constantly monitors the status of the filter and reports upcoming maintenance if required. You can carry this out quickly and easily thanks to good accessibility. The constant further development of AGCO Power engines along with the low maintenance effort makes Fendt 900 Vario MT a totally reliable workhorse.


Two turbo chargers with fixed geometry and electronic wastegate control provide enormous torque across the entire speed range.

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    Two turbo chargers with fixed geometry and electronic wastegate control provide enormous torque across the entire speed range.

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    The fuel filter is very easy to reach for routine maintenance.

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    A large intercooler with a heat exchanger as an intermediate intercooler ensures perfectly temperature-controlled inlet air.

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    The diesel tank encompasses the cab from the rear and has a capacity of 680 litres. Optionally, there is an additional tank with 132 litres capacity.

The Concentric Air System concept combines a large cooling capacity with maximum efficiency along with unparalleled effectiveness.

The air filter is easy to replace and has a dirt sensor, which provides information on the filter effect.

Fendt VarioDrive: Drive of a new generation.

The revolutionary Fendt VarioDrive drivetrain from the standard tractor Fendt 1000 Vario has been extensively and optimally adapted for the Fendt 900 Vario MT. The result was the innovative and efficient continuouslyvariable drive for tracked tractors, which fulfil all the practical requirements. As a result, you can drive in a continuously-variable power-split way in a speed range from 20 m/h to 40 km/h and without having to manually change between the speed ranges. You can therefore always work within an opptimal speed range with minimum slippage when operating Fendt 900 Vario MT. What you experience is huge power transmission and the best jerk-free ride comfort. Maximum performance in the field and on road: The Fendt Vario 900 MT offers a completely new driving experience thanks to Fendt VarioDrive.

High-performance hydrostatic devices

The heart of VarioDrive drivetrain is formed by the extremely large and powerful hydrostatic devices. Both the devices have a volume of 370 cm3 each. The hydromotors can swivel independent of each other. This way, the VarioDrive drivetrain achieves maximum efficiency in every situation. In order to further increase the efficiency, the second hydrostatic device is decoupled at higher speeds (more than approx. 20 km/h) as soon as it swivels back.

Automatic in optimal range

Thanks to the Fendt VarioDrive drive, you can always drive automatically within the most efficient range. The Fendt 900 Vario MT achieves a transport speed of 40 km/h at a low 1550 rpm. The renowned TractorManagement-System TMS along with the automatic maximum load control ensures that Fendt 900 Vario MT delivers the most efficient results during every operation and that too without elaborate settings at your end. Together with Fendt iD low engine speed

concept, experience sheer power with lowest possible consumption.

Everything under one roof

It was never easier to control a tracked tractor to perfection. For Fendt 900 Vario MT, the motto is: Sit down and set off. Select your preferred driving strategy in the armrest: Drive the Fendt 900 Vario MT using either the Variostick or the accelerator pedal. In the process, the TMS maintains an optimal ratio of the rpm and driving speed. You can also select the engine speed using the throttle pedal and the speed using the Variostick. If the TMS is deactivated, you can control the speed and the engine speed absolutely independent of each other.

Two high-performance hydrostatic devices in the Fendt VarioDrive ensure smooth acceleration and efficient jerk-free propulsion.

Swivel unit
Drive for PTO
Drive for rear axle
Hydro motor
Hydraulic pump
Input from engine
Planetary gear set
Actuator shaft

No compromise when it comes to performance and possibility.

Attachments under complete control

Matching the power and performance of Fendt 900 Vario MT, the hydraulic system has also been developed for maximum performance. Select either 220 l/min or 440 l/min pump capacity. The latter version has two separate circuits with 220 l/min capacity each. Both the versions deliver their maximum performance at 1700 rpm. The removable oil quantity is 100 l. The gear oil supply is of course separate from the hydraulic oil supply. This means no problematic oil mixing. The steering system has its own separate system. This means that there is enough oil at your disposal for the attachments.

Interfaces at the rear

Both hydraulic pumps share the work perfectly; one of the pumps is directly coupled to the left valve block and supplies to valves 1-3 and the Power Beyond connection. The second supplies to the right valve block with valves 4-6 and the powerful linkage. All in all, maximum six valves are possible in the rear. Remain flexible with cartridge applications: the 1/2" couplings offer a flow rate of up to 140 l/min. The 3/4" coupling as well as the comfortable Flat Face Coupler (FFC) permit up to 170 l/min. All the valves at the rear can be coupled under pressure on both sides (DUDK).

Complete lifting unit

You can couple three-point attachments onto the Fendt 900 Vario MT just as comfortably as onto a standard tractor. The cat. 4 rear linkage has a 11,500 kN lift capacity. In addition to power, enjoy the greatest comfort: the rear linkage can be operated at both the rear mudguards. shock load stabilisingdamping when driving on road contributes to high ride comfort and road safety. Gearbox pressure sensors are used for controlling the linkage. You can control the attachments perfectly via the comfortable power lift module in the armrest.

Direct power transmission

In order to transmit power of the AGCO Power engine to the PTO-operated attachments efficiently, the PTO is almost directly connected to the crankshaft. Only one gear level lies in between. This facilitates high effectiveness. Two speeds are at your disposal: 1000 at 1650 rpm or 1000E at a favourable 1255 rpm. The speed is pre-selected simply and without complication at the touch of a button in the cab. The PTO is similarly activated. Alternately, it can also be activated at both the rear mudguards.


The hydraulic connections are marked in colour. This way, you can couple devices quickly and safely.

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    The hydraulic connections are marked in colour. This way, you can couple devices quickly and safely.

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    The hydraulic system is designed for maximum performance and offers the option of up to 440 l/min performance at 1700 rpm.

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    Operate the rear linkage, the PTO and a control unit conveniently from the rear mudguards.

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    The dual-circuit air brakes also act on the trailer when the parking brake is applied.

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    Select between two PTO speeds: 1000 and 1000E.