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Image gallery: Fendt square balers

High and low hitching for hooking up to any tractor
Height adjustable for smooth running PTO
fl ywheel
Flywheel brake
Self-contained hydraulics
Oil supply tank for self-contained hydraulics
Bevelled spur gear drive
Optimal crop fl ow through the intake augers
V-shaped, three-row rotor cutter
Packer for filling the pre-compression chamber
Stuffer for filling the main baling chamber
Sensor flap
Pre-compression chamber (fi lling capacity 0.285 m3)
Sensors for the travel direction indicators
Packer tines
Traverse-impeller fan with constant air flow
Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
for automatic baling pressure control
Lighting for maintenance at dusk
Steerable tandem axle
Knotter needles

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