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Intelligent and ingenious.

The Fendt CargoProfi, available for the front loader models 4X/75, 4X/80, 5X85 and 5X90, is the product of continuous development of the tractor and front loader unit. The front loader has a measuring and tilt sensor, and a job computer to record and process a range of data and settings. The settings are easy to adjust and view in the Varioterminal.

Extremely practical

The functions on the CargoProfi make work easier thanks to intelligent presettings. This allows operators to limit the lifting height and tipping angle. This is a decisive safety factor in low buildings or when loading very high trailers. With the memo function, arm and attachment positions can be saved for frequently used sequences and called up again when required.

Shaken or damped?

The CargoProfi has a fast and effective shake function to ensure that all firmly packed material is dumped completely from the bucket. And for loose material, losses caused by trickling are minimised through the end position damping. The flow volume of the hydraulics is automatically reduced when approaching the highest or lowest position and the front loader reaches these without jerking.

Weight under control

The unique weighing function of the CargoProfi enables recording loads as individual and total weight. You have full control over the loaded quantity and total weight of the transport vehicle, which means you can make full use of the loading volume. The button-activated weighing function is also fully integrated in the operating concept of the Fendt Vario. The information is always available for viewing in the Varioterminal.

The settings for the CargoProfi are adjusted easily and intuitively with the Varioterminal. Show the crossgate lever function, view single weight and overall weight data from the weighing system, limit the working range for the swing arm and attachment.

Two pressure sensors in the crossbeam enable the weighing function of the CargoProfi.

The Varioterminal and job computer on the front loader are connected via the CargoProfi socket.

The sensors for the Cargo Profi functions are located on the right side of the front loader, where they are well protected.

More gentle and efficient material handling.

Variable cushioning

Easily transport and load even the most delicate goods with speed-dependent damping. To set the right cushioning level for the job at hand, you can individually adjust the applicable speed range.

Ultimate loading

Get recurring jobs done quickly and easily with the Fendt CargoProfi built-in memo function. With the Memo function, you can store common front-loader swing arm and attachment positions at the touch of a button, to go back them again and again. Use it when loading so the buckets always run exactly parallel to the ground, or program-in a maximum tilting angle to prevent damage to boundary walls.

Safe, easy and convenient

There are undeniable advantages out on the field. Limit the tipping angle, for example, when loading very high trailers. End position damping ensures the front loader is raised gently and smoothly, which minimises loss of material through trickling. The Memo function is especially practical for repeating sequences, for example, the horizontal lower position can be targeted automatically. The weighing function gives you more control over the load weight.