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Choose the perfect crop feed

Whether FreeFlow or PowerFlow table – you get good a good cut with both systems when it comes to uniform crop feed and a high output. Even under difficult harvesting conditions, for example, when harvesting laid grain.

Two tables for a high throughput.

The reliable FreeFlow table

With a working width from 4.80 m to 7.60 m, the FreeFlow table can tackle all kinds of conditions. It is especially stable and maintenance-friendly because the components are bolted on. With 1,254 cuts per minute, the high speed of the cutterbar ensures a clean cut and a low power requirement. Then the large intake auger, with a diameter of 610 mm, moves the crop swiftly and uniformly to the crop elevator – ideal conditions for maximum area coverage and the best harvesting results.

The superior PowerFlow table

The versatile Fendt PowerFlow table enables maximum productivity for harvesting grain, oilseed rape or soybeans. The large clearance between the cutterbar and the auger facilitates cutting high crops with a 5.50 m working width. The result: The smooth crop flow ensures uniform loading of the threshing mechanism with heads-first feed for all types of crops.


All connections for the table can be coupled at once using the multi-coupler.

Knife system

With 1,254 cuts per minute, the low-wear, alternately arranged blades deliver the cleanest cut.

Intake auger

On the FreeFlow table, feed fingers along the full width of the intake auger provide for a reliable and protective intake.

PowerFlow belts

The PowerFlow belts feed the crop to the intake auger uniformly, heads-first.

Rape knives

The PowerFlow table can be converted for operation in oilseed rape, quickly and easily, with the optional electric rape knives.

The threshing system

Your valuable grain is in the best hands with the new generation of the Fendt 5225 E combine. Whether you are harvesting grain, oilseed rape or maize – the large, high capacity 600 mm threshing cylinder in combination with the large concave area guarantees intensive, but efficient threshing and separating.

Speeds up the harvest and is gentle on the grain

High-capacity threshing cylinder

The threshing cylinder on the 5225 E has a 600 mm diameter for high inertia and performance. Eight counterrotating threshing bars effectively separate the grain during the threshing process. Both the grain and straw are handled very gently, breakage is minimised.

Robust grain concave

With one of the largest concave areas in its power class, the 5225 E drives into large harvests in no time. The different wire spacings within the concave are the main reason for this: While the wire spacing in the front area is narrow to ensure intensive threshing, the wider wire spacing in the rear part of the concave allows greater separation capacity.

Exchangeable sectional concave

In addition to the robust standard concave, a sectional concave is available to convert your 5225 E quickly to different types of crops. The front concave segment can be removed easily and can be exchanged through the open stone trap.

Closed high-performance straw walkers

After the threshing mechanism, the straw is effectively fluffed up over 4.30 m long straw walkers with a 150 mm stroke. Four 250 mm high steps create a loose straw mat, which permits residual grain to be separated perfectly in the huge separation area. The closed straw walkers distribute the grain uniformly over the entire width of the preparation floor for efficient separation.


ABC module


Threshing cylinder

More torque and less breakage.

14 and 24 mm sectional concave variants

There are two front segments available for the quick-change sectional concave: 14 mm wire spacing for grain harvesting and 24 mm for maize harvesting.

Front and rear concave setting can be adjusted independently

Front perfect, the rear, too: the front and rear concave openings can be adjusted independently and electrically. You can adapt the threshing mechanism to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab.

Display of current setting

The exact concave settings are displayed to the left of the driver seat.

Straw walker steps have active rear walls

The so-called active, open rear walls of the steps further improve residual separation.

The next step to your Fendt E-Series 5225