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Full power: Cyclone Cleaning System

Triple fan

The powerful Cyclone cleaning fan consists of three fanning units with open sides for maximum air output. The fan speed can be hydraulically adjusted between 250 and 1400 rpm. to give you different speeds quickly and efficiently. The powerful airflow is split from the first drop stage, With a constant air flow generated over the entire length of the shaker shoe, giving you the best cleaning results.

Bottom sieve
Top sieve
Intermediate floor
Preparation floor

Separate post-threshing

Specially designed returns for maximum performance and the best threshing. The product is threshed out by the auger and passed on to the grain pan. This prevents any separating potential being lost at the processor. Threshing occurs between the auger and the interchangeable covers, which can be serrated or smooth depending on the intensity you want.

Superior cleaning

The long preparation floors with six individual sections and high partitions, and the long shaker shoes provide for exceptional cleaning in the Fendt IDEAL. Most short straw and chaff is separated from the grain on the first drop between preparation floor and intermediate floor. The second drop to the top sieve then separates the impurities further. A strong air flow ensures perfect cleaning results. The longest sieves on the market with the fitted partitions mean optimal grain purity. In order to deliver the best results under all conditions, the opening range of the sieves can be conveniently and easily electrically adjusted from the cab.

Bring out the best in yourself through smart threshing via the return.

Loss sensors at the end of the shaker shoe help the operator adjust the machine to the best possible configuration, by recording crop which falls to the ground via pressure and acoustics.

The 6 centre bars measure 150 mm in height for a slope insensitivity of up to 15 degrees. Loss sensors at the end of the shaker shoe help the driver adjust the machine to the best possible configuration.

Brilliantly simple. Always in the right balance.

IDEALbalanceTM can minimise the losses on a lateral slope up to 60%, and all without any complex controls.

Thanks to IDEALbalanceTM,the crop is evenly distributed on the sieves

Outstanding technology

To ensure that nothing but clean crop lands in the grain tank, Fendt IDEAL models are equipped with the unique and ingeniously simple IDEALbalance™ system. The core of the system is the double grain pan. The front grain pan collects the material threshed out by the rasp bars in the front part and forwards it to the front part of the preparation floor. The rear grain pan collects the material discarded from the rotor tines and sends it backwards to the preparation floor. The makes full use of the preparation floor and the product is well cleaned.

Impervious up to 15%

The front grain pan is concave to gather the material in the middle of the pan. The rear grain pan is convex, so that the crop collects at the outer ends. This distributes the crop in the machine properly in all conditions. On 15% gradients, this straightforward design avoids up to 60% losses compared to flat pans. IDEALbalance™ comes as standard on the IDEAL 8 and 9. The IDEAL 7 comes with a special grain pan option, just right for the single rotor.

The front grain pan is concave, in order to channel the material to the middle of the pan. The rear grain pan is convex and carries the material outwards.

On single-rotor models (IDEAL 7) the material is collected in the middle by the long grain pan, before being evenly distributed in the front part of the preparation floor.

ShortCut and ActiveSpread: The cornerstone of perfect chopping.

Ultimate distribution

The chaff spreader is placed directly at the end of the shaker shoe and distributes straw and chaff as desired. The distribution disks are hydraulically driven, allowing variable speeds. Choose between three chaff spreader settings: chop and mix (chaff gets into the chopper, drop and mix straw (chaff gets into the swath),and separate chaff from straw (chaff is distributed to the side). At the end of the straw chopper comes either the ActiveSpread distributor or passive straw deflectors. ActiveSpread works with two hydraulic straw distributors, the speed of which you can adjust from the cab. With the passive straw distributor you have the choice of adjusting the deflector plates wither electrically or manually. The left and right sides can always be set independently.

Chop and mix straw

Separate chaff from straw

The BaseCut straw chopper operates as standard in the Fendt IDEAL with 56 knives.

For exceptional straw chopping and distribution, the eight-row straw chopper provides you with ShortCut in the Fendt IDEAL models.

Ultimate chopping

Even the straw chopper was adapted without compromising the enormous output of the Fendt IDEAL. Every model comes with one of 2 straw chopper versions: The BaseCut with 56 knives across 4 rows, or the ShortCut with 112 knives across 8 rows. Both choppers have maintenance-free bearings. The shearbar can be set to 5 positions without tools. If you want the straw to drop, just use the Fendt IDEAL's 'chop to drop' function and switch to swath shot mode.

Best access

The chopper can be swung out using two electric motors for very easy access. The chopper knives, produced by Rekord, can be used from both sides to double the service life. The chopper speed can be easily switched by a belt from 850 rpm (maize, beans) to 3600 rpm (grain, oilseed rape).