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More headers, more operating options

The new swinging frame has an extended swing angle of up to 14° so the headers can adapt to the ground with even greater precision. The Katana swinging frame and the ground-contact sensors on the headers adapt themselves automatically even to extreme changes in ground contour. Because the swinging frame has a central pivot point, the crop flow remains uniform, even when the header is tilted. All headers are attached very close to the vehicle. That reduces the front axle load and protects the soil.

Swinging frame swung out

Swinging frame in middle position

Swinging frame swung out

Together with the innovative swinging frame directly on the intake, groundcontact sensors actively adapt the header to the ground contour.

Thanks to the row sensors on the tips of the maize header, the Katana works through the crop very precisely and fully automatically.

The quality of the cut is perfect from the first to last stalk.

High-grade headers

No matter what kind of crop: the large selection of pickups, whole crop headers and mowers gives you the best range of work options. Low-wearing and maintenancefriendly, the quickly exchangeable headers perform first-class work. The uniform cutting, picking-up and feeding of the material to the feed rollers all takes place without turbulences. The continuously variable header drive permits ideal adaptation to the harvesting conditions. With the maize attachment 460Plus in the StalkBuster version, the corn stubble can be crushed directly under the header during harvesting, that is, even before the first wheels turn. This effectively prevents a corn borer infestation.

The Pickup P3003 Maximum with HD drive achieves high output even under extreme harvesting conditions. The centrally integrated feeler wheel ensures better ground following.

The sturdy whole crop header is designed for deep, loss-free cuts in different kinds of crops. When harvesting biomass, it delivers the best silage with a minimum of contamination.


The 360Plus header with 8 small drums is lightweight and suitable for nearly all crops.


10 drums for up to 10 maize rows (75 cm between plants): the 375plus mowing header.


With a 9000 mm working width, the 390plus is the most powerful of all Katana headers.

460Plus Stalk-Buster

With the 460Plus attachment in the StalkBuster version, the corn stubble can be crushed even during harvesting. Perfectly equipped against an infestation of corn borers.


With its 4 big drums, the 460plus header is ideal for difficult conditions.


4 large and 2 small drums in the 475plus header can cut and feed maize plants over 4 metres high, uniformly and without difficulties.