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More hp for more bite.

Future-proof engine with more output

The new Fendt Katana 650 incorporates the proven MTU 6-cylinder series engine with a 15.6-litre cubic capacity. The tractive and rated power of this mighty machine have been significantly increased with an extensive performance update. The engine now has an additional 25 hp, reaching a rated power of 650 hp. This mighty machine already meets Emissions Stage 5. Despite its compact design, the engine generates incredible torque even at low speeds. This unit is also particularly low-maintenance, easily accessible and will outperform most. With the new Fendt CropFlow 2.0, its fuel efficiency is up to 12% better than its predecessor.

Modular & lightweight: the new tank concept

The new tanks on the Fendt Katana forage harvester not only have a high capacity – their modular and rugged plastic construction also spares a considerable amount of weight. Choose between 1,225 l diesel tank with 205 l AdBlue tank or 1,010 l diesel, 205 l AdBlue and 215 l water or additive tank. Either way you profit from the comfort of the new tank concept: the filler necks for diesel and AdBlue are located on the left side where they are easily reached.

The variable fan draws in no more air than is needed. This releases or saves reserve capacity according to the work and power requirements, which significantly increases the Fendt Katana's overall efficiency. Thanks to the fan's reverse function, dirt is pushed away from the radiator at adjustable intervals by changing the air flow. The radiator therefore always performs at it’s full cooling capacity and the cleaning intervals become longer.

Powerful yet gentle on any terrain.

Strong drive concept

The new Fendt Katana 650 features 4WD as standard. The front wheels are driven by individual wheel motors. The rear axle is driven by a differential gearbox run by a hydraulic motor, where an automatic differential lock ensures the best traction when the difference in speed is too high. An HD ground drive with strong hydro motors on the front and rear axles is available as an option for the new Fendt Katana 650 for more power, torque and traction.

Top manoeuvrability

The rear axle of the Fendt Katana has an excellent steering angle. Together with the compact design of the machine, this enables very high manoeuvrability. Manoeuvring is fast and easy in every situation. The design with the longitudinally mounted engine means that you can profit from an excellent steering angle.

BalancedGrip – the smart-controlled AWD

The Fendt Katana 650 can be fitted with the Fendt BalancedGrip assist, which intelligently regulates the drive torques between the front and rear axles, especially on slopes, or between the two wheels on the front axle. It gives more grip and stops the wheels from spinning, especially when chopping grass on steep terrain. As there is little weight on the wheels higher up the slope, especially when driving on steep terrain, Fendt BalancedGrip actively regulates the drive torques to compensate for that. For you, that means maximum protection of the sward, clean harvesting material and safety in your work, even on very hilly terrain.

Huge selection of tyres, first-class suspension

To protect the operator and machine from the shocks of uneven terrain, the Fendt Katana has a heightadjustable rear axle suspension. In addition to the best comfort, it guarantees additional safety and stability even at 40 km/h. Together with an extensive tyre selection, the Katana is a multifunctional talent on any kind of ground. Extra large tyres with diameters of up to 206 cm and widths of up to 900 mm lower the pressure on the ground and increase ground clearance.