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Fendt Rogator: The ideal basis for flexible application.

Now even lighter

The Rogator 300 comes as standard with a rigid lightweight aluminium boom, which is available in widths of 24 to 36 metres. This is attached to the machine via a central frame, which is not only robust, but also provides an exceptional level of stability when spraying at any speed. The nozzle holders are fitted into a frame profile to protect them. The wide holder profile ensures easy access and also allows the use of double flat fan nozzles in any position. In view of the very high performance values and potential of this machine, only this boom can meet the heavy demands in practice.

Compact folded boom

When collapsed, the boom rests in grooves on the side of the spray tank. Depending on the version, this creates a machine width of 2.55 m when the boom is collapsed, ideal for optimal transport and for preventing damage. The Fendt boom has one of the most stable designs on the market. Especially when it comes to yaw, the Fendt Rogator 300 has it all under control: Regardless of the road speed and ground conditions, the pivot is able to almost completely eliminate horizontal vibrations, and all without having to turn to elaborate controls or sensors.

OptiSonic height control

Thanks to the OptiSonic boom height control system, the right, middle and left sides of the boom automatically and separately follow the ground. Four ultrasonic sensors keep the spray height constant at all times. The boom is of course protected against damage by an impact guard.

Single diffuser switch

The Rogator has a huge selection of diffuser adapters: 5­way, DuelSelect 2+2 and Quadselect. Distance between diffusers is 50 cm. Depending on the diffuser adapter, one or more diffusers can be controlled electrically, so the sky’s the limit with SectionControl, VariableRateControl, and OptiNozzle. systems which help you get the most out of your pesticides.

Ideal positioning at all times

Horizontal and vertical boom movement, which can be attributed to the terrain or to the acceleration and slowing of the vehicle, are almost completely eliminated by the special Rogator damper cylinder. At the same time, the system reduces the main frame load to a minimum. Due to the low yaw, there is no overlapping and no gaps which can often be caused by a swinging (forward/back) boom.

The nozzle adapters are seamlessly integrated into the boom, and so are protected against damage.

The Fendt Rogator impact guard can turn by up to 90°. The backswing is damped so that no additional pulses have an effect on the boom.

The boom provides adequate space for all diffuser adapter and diffuser combinations.

Diffuser adapter




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