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A single operating concept for all Fendt machines.

Demands on farmers have been growing together with our population – these days, all farming operations need to be done accurately, quickly and efficiently. But there is a choice in how to do this: either conventionally or using Fendt Variotronic. This not only makes your work easier, but also opens up new potential for your farm. The following pages outline the potentials that Variotronic opens up for your business and how these can be utilised. Discover and benefit from the unique Fendt Variotronic operating concept – in each and every Fendt machine.

Commitment to progress is our tradition.

Fendt has always been one step ahead in agricultural technology: In the past, when the Fendt Dieselross tractor revolutionised farming. And in the future, with innovative, leading technologies to support farmers all over the world. Benefit from the Fendt advantage. Start reaping the Fendt Variotronic benefits today.

We are not only talking about Farming 4.0.
We take it straight to your fields.

Fendt is often mentioned in the very same breath as precision farming. Admittedly, the term Farming 4.0 was still unknown when the Fendt Variotronic was launched in 1998, but the underlying concept of taking strain off people and improving results through the intelligent use of machines held true even then. This is the goal we have always worked towards. And this is what we deliver successfully to your fields.

Nature never stands still. Keep up with Variotronic.

VarioGuide: Precise down to the last centimetre.

Now you can use the VarioGuide system from the Fendt 300 Vario ProfiPlus with the Varioterminal 7” through to the self-propelled sprayer Fendt Rogator 600. Fendt machines with the Varioterminal 10.4” and VarioGuide system as well as the NovAtel or Trimble receivers can now use the Fendt VarioGuide Contour Assistant. This adds the “Contour segments” and “Single track” types to the familiar VarioGuide wayline types, and helps you to work even more efficiently and comfortably. Typically Fendt: Depending on the model, the two new wayline types can be loaded via a software update by your dealer onto your tractor within minutes. This means you’ll always have the latest technologies to hand, allowing you to proactively get the most out of your Fendt Vario.

*Software updates are subject to limited compatibility. A fee may be charged for loading new software. For more information, contact your dealer.


Contour segments

The contour segments wayline type takes huge pressure off the operator’s shoulders. Contour segments can be either recorded, calculated based on existing field boundaries, or to created from existing waylines. The system automatically chooses the matching segment through driving direction and angle to the track. This wayline type also guarantees easy and precise processing of the field using Fendt VarioGuide, even on headlands.

Single Contour

With single contour, all tramlines are created as virtually endless contour lines for maintenance work such as plant protection and fertilising. The single contour is simply recorded by driving the required contour. For example, special crops which have been planted without a steering system can therefore be worked quickly and precisely. In addition, obstacles in the field can be safely avoided.

VarioDoc & VarioDoc Pro: Precision and much more.

If you opt for a Varioterminal 10.4”, you’ll get the integrated VarioDoc documentation system as a standard feature. All new Fendt Vario tractors in ProfiPlus configuration and Varioterminal 10.4” are fitted with the upgraded version of the VarioDoc Pro documentation system. This gives you the option of doing your cultivation work, such as fertilising or plant protection, using application maps.

VarioDoc & VarioDoc Pro

ISOBUS: Maximum compatibility.

When implement and tractor form the perfect match, it’s like operating a self-propelled machine. That’s why the Fendt 700 and 800 tractor series are now TIM (Tractor Implement Management) ready. The AEF-certified interface allows the implement to actively intervene in the tractor control, and to control a hydraulic valve as well as the road speed. This increases the efficiency of the combination.


Automatic guidance system from 70 HP – make it happen with the Fendt 200 Vario

The TIM interface functionality is also used on the Fendt 200 Vario. This enables the steering system preparation module, which consists of steering valve and related sensors. It also gives you the option of using the automatic steering system from 70 HP on a compact or specialty tractor. You can choose between two options to determine how your 200 Vario should be steered. You can do this by using a satellite-based system via GNSS or through ultrasonic sensors, e.g. in wine growing.

With a steering system which is based on satellite-based signals, you can enjoy accuracy of +/- 2 cm in the Fendt 200 Vario and in model variants Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario.

The automatic steering system terminal is integrated as an option, and is user-friendly.

Even if the satellite signal is shadowed when crops or buildings are in shadow, the ultrasound sensors in the Fendt 200 V and F Vario also provide the option of automatic steering.

SectionControl & VRC: Lower costs, more comfort.

SectionControl gives you the tools to work precisely, and as as result to save fertiliser and seed. The variable rate control (VRC) provides the option of responding to varying yield potential in your fields. The SectionControl and VariableRateControl functions can be used as an option with the VarioGuide system in combination with the Varioterminal 10.4” on all Fendt Vario tractors and the self-propelled Rogator 600.

SectionControl & VRC

VariotronicTI: The ultimate in headland management – comprehensive and fully integrated

Experience the enormous comfort and precision of the ultimate in headland management systems - the Fendt VariotronicTI. No other manufacturer currently offers a more comprehensive and user-friendly system as Fendt, as the comparison in profi industry magazine 12/2017 shows. As an option, you can also automatically select Fendt VariotronicTI, which automatically activates the sequences on the headland. The integrated assistant automatically sets the dimensions of the sequences on non-parallel headlands. The parameters can also be manually fine tuned.


Updates: Performance capacity which grows with time – Proactive value retention

Fendt customers are always at the leading edge of

technology. This starts when you buy your Variotronic
machine and simply continues throughout your
machine’s service life,as we make newly developed
functions available to existing machines of current and
older model years (provided their hardware is compatible)
rather than restrict them to future models. We also
maintain reliability of use, efficacy and operating comfort
at consistently high levels.

Exclusive software updates for vehicle and electronics

Whether we’re talking about tractors, forage harvesters, combines, or self-propelled sprayer: Once you’ve tried Variotronic, you’ll never use anything else.

The first-generation Fendt Variotronic revolutionised the operation of modern agricultural machinery as early as in 1997. It was the first system ever to combine all functions within a single hardware unit comprising a Varioterminal, multi-function joystick and armrest, making any additional joysticks and monitors superfluous. It has been so successful that Fendt Variotronic has become a core element across all key Fendt machines.Whether we’re talking about tractors, forage harvesters, combines, or self-propelled sprayers: With Variotronic you’ll never have to, and nor will you want to switch to anything else.

All models from the 500 Vario and above feature a Variotronic armrest with outstanding full comfort and a consistent operating concept even in the entry-level Power variant. The Power variant comprises the Varioterminal 7”. (The image shows the 500 Vario and 700 Vario Power variants.)

The Variotronic armrest in Fendt combines has the same core structure as that in the 500 Vario to 1000 Vario tractor series. The joystick and other control elements are optimally adapted to the relevant requirements from an ergonomic perspective. The Varioterminal 7” is used in Fendt L-Series combines, whilst the C-Series and Fendt IDEAL uses the 10.4”. Both have the same operating logic as in the Fendt Vario tractors.

The Profi variant features all hydraulics controls and the Varioterminal 7” as standard. The Varioterminal 10.4” is available for the Profi variant as an option and forms part of the standard equipment in ProfiPlus models.

The armrest and joystick on the Fendt Katana correspond to those on the Fendt combines and the Fendt Rogator 600, meaning that the operating functions are also individually optimised The operating logic is adopted from the Fendt Vario tractors.

Trusted environment in all key machines thanks to the standardised Varioterminal 10.4”

The Varioterminal makes sure that you always keep a clear and full overview of all of your work, from tractor and implement controls through to camera functions, documentation and track guidance. his includes any time you move from your Fendt Vario tractor to your Fendt combine – both concept and controls remain the same: well thought-out, clearly organised and easy to use.The clarity of the layout remains outstanding, regardless of the individual equipment options used. You have a choice of the Varioterminal 7” or the Varioterminal 10.4”, depending on your needs. The joystick and armrest are optimally designed for the functions of the respective key machine.The Varioterminal makes sure that you always keep a clear and full overview of all of your work, from tractor and implement controls through to camera functions, documentation and track guidance. This includes any time you move from your Fendt Vario tractor to your Fendt combine – both concept and controls remain the same: well thought-out, clearly organised and easy to use. The clarity of the layout remains outstanding, regardless of the individual equipment options used. You have a choice of the Varioterminal 7” or the Varioterminal 10.4”, depending on your needs. The joystick and armrest are optimally designed for the functions of the respective key machine.

With both the 7” and the 10.4” Varioterminal, operators have the option of using either the touchscreen or navigation keys and a rotary control. The allocation of three of the four sections in the Varioterminal 10.4” can be customised.

The Varioterminal 10.4” is equipped with two camera connections at the rear of the armrest as standard. Camera images can be displayed individually or simultaneously. Alternatively, they can also be displayed in full-screen mode, just like other menus.

Both terminals feature a night mode. In this mode, the display colours are adjusted to ensure that operators do not suffer any glare from the terminal. This creates greater safety in road transport and much better operator comfort.

One camera image can be configured for the reversing camera. If this is done, the camera image automatically switches to full-screen mode as soon as the tractor reverses.

"So it makes operating the tractor very easy."

Steve Lynch banks on steering systems. In autonomous mode he spreads liquid manure and compost for instance.

Learn more about Steve Lynch

“60 – 80 euros saved per hectare”

Wilhelm Jaeger, manager of an arable farm

With the Fendt guidance and documentation systems,Wilhelm Jaeger saves costs effectively: “Less diesel, lower operator wages, less wear, fewer tractor hours – we are therefore certain that the system will pay off very quickly for us.” And: “If you save 10% of these costs each year, that amounts to 60 – 80 euros saved per hectare. ”An accurate guidance system increases quality: “I can concentrate on the quality of work done by the implement. We operate with an accuracy of 1–2 centimetres.” Wilhelm Jaeger’s conclusion: “That makes work apleasure!”


“With SectionControl, I have saved on plant protection products, fertilisers and seeds.”“

Heiner Müller, manager of an arable farm

SectionControl prevents duplicate treatments and maintains spacing exactly. At the headlands, SectionControl automatically switches the sections on and off: “I don’tneed to back up anymore at the headlands and we can plant using two machines at the same time,” says Heiner Müller. The track data can be transferred from tractor to tractor on site per USB stick.


How-to Videos

Fendt VarioGuide:
Selecting Differential Correction Source

In this informative video, learn how to select your preferred correction source based on your GNSS receiver, for maximum accuracy using your VarioGuide system.

How-to Videos

Fendt VarioGuide:
Use of Marked Tramlines

If you are seeding using your VarioGuide system it makes absolute sense to mark the tramlines of the field required for fertilizing and spraying, making your fieldwork easier and making you more relaxed.

How-to Videos

Fendt VarioGuide:
New Map Functions.

Explore brand new VarioGuide features available in the map view. It requires a 10.4'' Varioterminal, a VarioGuide system and the latest Software (Vers. 7.81) on the tractor.

How-to Videos

Fendt Variotronic:
Use of the QuickJump Menu

Quickly gain access to hidden Varioterminal menu items, such as the rear-hydraulic valve settings, by utilising the QuickJump menu.

How-to Videos

Fendt Variotronic:
Use of Control Mapping Elements

Gain the unique ability to use, monitor and control any ISOBUS AUX-N or AUX-O compatible implement without needing to install additional software or hardware – only with the fully ISOBUS-capable Variotronic. Watch this video to learn how.

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