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Power and efficiency in all situations. A one-of-a-kind motor.

The Fendt 1100 MT is driven by a 12-cylinder AGCO Power diesel engine . These engines have been specially developed to meet the requirements of agriculture and are unique to tractors. The V12 delivers high torque and is extremely insensitive to engine lugging. The AGCO Power Engine has 16.8 litre displacement and is available with 457 to 598 HP rated power. The engine is more compact in terms of length and height than a 6-cylinder in-line engine. The engine noise is especially low and pleasant thanks to the more compact design. The largest and most powerful Fendt tracked tractors deliver a high torque and are extremely insensitive to high peak loads.

Power Management automatic switching equipment

The Fendt 1100 MT has a power management system, which allows gears to be automatically shifted and the engine speed controlled. Two operating modes are available: “Maximum power” or “Constant speed”. In the “Maximum power” mode, the tractor automatically downshifts to a high-torque gear if the engine speed falls below the optimal power range due to the load. As soon as the load reduces and the speed increases, the gear is shifted back to the original gear. In “Constant speed” mode, the operator can program a specified driving speed, which is then maintained. If this function is active, the automatic switching equipment selects a combination of engine speed and gear transmission, which keeps the target speed constant.

Powerful gearbox

The Fendt 1100 MT has a 16x4 full-load gearbox with Speedmatching function. The gearbox is electronically operated using a lever to the right of the operator’s seat in the Tractor Management Center (TMC) armrest. The driving direction of the tracked tractor is changed by pushing the lever back and forth. For shifting up and down through all the gears, the operator must use only two push buttons. As the cast steel housing is completely integrated into the tractor structure, the gearbox serves as a rear frame for maximum strength.

Clean combustion

To comply with the latest emission limits, the engine has been fitted with an cEGR system (cooled exhaust gas recirculation) to reduce AdBlue consumption. The engine runs at an injection pressure of 2000 bar, which has a positive effect on the injection precision and injection timing.

The two-stage turbocharging reduces the turbo lag and enhances the pre-compaction efficiency.

The iCAC intercooler pre-cools the charge air and therefore increases the torque.

Turbo charger with fixed turbine geometry and electronically controlled wastegate provides high and long-lasting performance.

The inlet air filter with dust separation ensures fresh and clean inlet air.

The large intercooler serves as the second cooling stage, which significantly cools the inlet air and thus optimises the combustion.

Well-equipped for all attachments.

Powerful lifting unit

A steering rear linkage can be ordered ex works for all Fendt 1100 MT tractors. This hydraulic linkage is available in category III or IV and it has a lifting power of 14,000 daN on the lower links hooks on the entire stroke. The electronic control and operating elements ensure precise operation of the lifting unit.

Electronic control of lifting unit

The rear linkage is electronically operated. The electronic system modulates the hydraulic valve to lift and lower the linkage, where the driver can set different linkage parameters such as lowering and lifting speed, maximum lifting height, maximum depth, slip control and tension control. The driver adapts the EHR (electronic linkage control) to the TMC display in the cab.

Complete PTO

There is an optional 1000 PTO at the rear. Upon being switched on, the PTO reaches 1000 rpm at an engine speed of 1979 rpm. The rear PTO serves as a drive for equipment and makes the tracked tractor more versatile. A spring-operated PTO brake blocks the PTO in switched-off condition.

Powerful hydraulic system

All Fendt 1100 MTs have a closed hydraulic system (closed centre) with pressure and quantity control (load sensing), which respond quickly and allow precise control of the hydraulic equipment. The dedicated variable flow pump conveys up to 224 l/min to the spool valves and the linkage. All the hydraulic consumers are fed from the oil container situated at a higher level, which is housed in the gearbox and rear axle housing. A pump with 321 l/min capacity is available for the most challenging attachments.

Active swinging drawbar

An active swinging drawbar can be ordered for Fendt 1100 MT tractors without linkage. Two hydraulic cylinders under the tractor are connected to one of the rear control valves, and swivel the drawbar by 28° in both directions. In the process, the drawbar moves on the rollers without wearing. The drawbar can be secured using bolts; if the control valve is switched to floating position, the drawbar can swivel freely and shocks hydraulically absorbed in the process. The active drawbar makes the tracked tractor more versatile and increases the influence of the operator.