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Benchmarks in the field of power transmission: Track tractor.

Unique chassis for permanent best grip. It represents the latest expansion stage of our decadeslong experience with caterpillar drives. Today it fulfils the fundamental ideas of achieving as much contact area as possible for the best traction and lowest soil compaction better than ever. The profi large tractor comparison also proves: No other applies more engine performance to the ground so effectively (profi 12/2016).

Comfortably spring-mounted

Thanks to the unique suspension system integrated into the track tractor, both the drives can be adapted to the ground contours independently. The oscillating rollers press the rolling track onto the ground in order to keep the contact area as large as possible even on uneven surfaces.

Robust design without compromises

The track chassis has a robust lengthwise design with rubber tracks, which are powered by fractional engagement instead of by sprockets and driving teeth. The drive wheels at the rear axle are driven by rolling tracks and have a large diameter in order to increase the contact area between the wheel and the track, and therefore to reduce track slippage. The front guide wheels stretch the rolling tracks by pushing them forward against their inner surface. The pressure directed forwards onto the guide wheels is provided by a hydraulic cylinder and a pressure accumulator so that a rolling track tension of just 222.4 kN is generated.

Rollers with pendulum suspension

The pendulum suspension of the rollers ensures even weight distribution across the entire rolling surface in order to increase traction and enlarge the contact area. The rolling area on the steel core of the rollers is sheathed with a polyethylene compound. The polyurethane compound, which is directly applied on the steel rolling surface of the rollers, creates an increased resistance against heat and tearing. This prolongs the service life of the rollers. The rollers are suspended via pendulum carriers, which allow the rolling track to flexibly follow the ground contours.

The large drive wheel transfers the force to the tensioned treadbar through fractional engagement.

The guide wheel is pushed against the track by the rolling track tensioner and the tension is therefore maintained.

The oscillating pivot of the rollers ensures perfect ground following and never tears up the ground.

Large trumpet housing ensures long lifetime.

Various treadbar designs* are available.
*Outside width of 3 m is maintained with the standard 698 mm (27.5”) treadbar.