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A workplace that feels like home.

Fully equipped

So you can work professionally and in comfort, you can design your driver's workstation on the Fendt 700 Vario to suit your requirements. With top priority given to ease of use.

Display options

As well as the new standard 12" terminal on the armrest, the 10" dashboard is now also digital. The genius thing about this is that, in addition to regulation-compliant road data, you can also view machine-related information while you're on the field. For extra display space, use the 12" roof terminal. You can stow this one half way into the roof liner. Applications like the air conditioning or the Infotainment system are still shown on the lower, visible half of the terminal.

Infotainment package with sound experience

Four high-end speakers and a subwoofer deliver superior sound quality in the cab. Enjoy playback from your smartphone via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. FM/AM/DAB+/HD and two antennas with permanent channel search also ensure the best radio reception. Make phone calls in your Fendt 700 Vario with a fantastic quality heads-free kit: A total of 8 microphones built into the roof liner guarantees the perfect acoustics, picking up your voice every time. The controls are on the terminal or the armrest.

Taking user friendliness to a whole new level


Use the pushdial to manually use the terminals instead of using touch control. You can also switch between the terminals. There are hotkeys for quick navigation.

Crossgate lever / 3L joystick

There is a crossgate lever or 3L joystick to control the 3rd and 4th hydraulic control units as well as the front loader, depending on the configuration. Together with a Fendt front loader that has a third valve, you can use the 3L joystick to control an unprecedented 3 functions at once. With the additional reverse drive button, changing direction is a smooth and comfortable experience.

All under control – multifunction joystick

With its ergonomic shape and position on the armrest, you can hold the all-new multifunction joystick in a relaxed position all day long. It has all the elements you are familiar with, like the 2 auxiliary control units and headland management. The control for the hydraulic valves is proportional. The joystick also has freely assignable buttons to give the driver even more flexibility.

Gear function control

Assign the functions you want

basic setting: hydraulic valve control

Customisable buttons

The buttons are ready to be assigned, so you can adapt your Fendt 700 Vario to suit your work, and have your most common actions right where you need them. A clever light system gives you a visual reminder of functions that have been reassigned to other buttons. This means you can quickly find your way around without any user errors.

Front/rear power lift control

Infotainment control:


Aircon controls

12" terminal

Up to 6 freely configurable screens are shown on the standard 12" terminal.

Fendt Connect telemetry system

Our basic telemetry package is the best way to analyse and manage your fleet. Fendt Connect can read, store and analyse machine data as part of the package. This makes it easier to plan usage times and machine capacity, which ultimately helps you increase the costeffectiveness of your vehicles. View machine data on your PC or smart device, including:

  • Machine position and route (map view)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Speed
  • Operating time
  • Machine capacity
  • Error messages
  • Upcoming service intervals
  • And more.