The vision becomes reality

Fendt is not just a name, Fendt is a conviction. With Fendt tractors and harvesting machines, farmers and contractors can reach their goals faster and with a higher yield. That is why it is our aim to fulfil the requirements of our customers, even to exceed them, and to help them to success where everything begins: at the interface between the sky and earth, where nature and agricultural expertise meet. This is where Fendt drivers profit directly from efficient technologies that have been engineered to enhance economy – for more profitable and sustainable food and fodder production as well as the improved use of natural raw materials and energy.

Brand Story

The Brand Story symbolically stands for Fendt values and is embodied by the logo. In simple images, it describes the tasks that Fendt sees for itself and what drives the company forward. Fendt enables sustainable growth at the interface between the sky and earth. This interface is the place that the elements of nature, such as earth, sun and water, meet the agricultural know-how of our customers and the technical and innovative products of our company. The sky stands for visions, the earth for solidity and close customer relations. The open vista to the horizon suggests farsightedness in the industry. The products from Fendt are made for wide fields and big jobs.


Fendt stands for sustainable values: Performance. Efficiency. Innovation.

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    Fendt stands for sustainable values: Performance. Efficiency. Innovation.

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    Fendt offers leading products to increase the success of farming.

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    The sky stands for our visions, the earth for our roots and solidity.

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    The new Fendt stands for growth at the interface between the sky and earth.

Logo Story

Fendt took the milestone, the factory opening on 28 September 2012, as an opportunity to strengthen the international alignment of itself and the Fendt brand. For this objective, the well-known logo underwent a facelift. It takes the Fendt success story into a new era.

1930 - 1960

The constancy of the Fendt brand means change without leaving one’s values behind. Fendt aligned itself to international distribution early.

The legendary Dieselroß with the “ß“ and the addition “Schlepper” was replaced with a double “ss” several years later for better readability in other countries. The addition “tractor” in English rounded out the transition.

1960 to 2012

English product names, such as the Farmer series, are evidence of the international interest in Fendt products in the 1950’s. For one exhibition, a huge construction was developed comprising a globe with a tractor on top. An idea that is more relevant today than ever before. The history and self-image of the Fendt brand is therefore to face current challenges without being dictated by the zeitgeist or fast-moving ideas.

Since 2012

The trapezoidal shape of the Fendt lettering was only slightly modified. The letters F, E and D were reworked for improved readability and the familiar parallel, and later wavy, double green lines, served as a basis for the colors. The result was a powerful image: the earth’s curvatures with a sunrise. Like a section of the Fendt globe from the 50’s. Once again, Fendt unites the past with a giant step into the future: “The new Fendt stands at the horizon and at the interface between the sky and earth. There the elements earth, sun, water and air meet the agricultural knowledge of our customers and the high-tech products from Fendt. The sky stands for our visions, innovations and future prospects, the earth for our roots, solidity and close customer relations.”

We are also Fendt!

Together we drive Fendt forward. Fendt employees in all of our locations are hard at work every day to make Fendt tractors the very best. That is our commitment and that is why we are showing our faces to the public – as representatives of all the Fendt people.

Why faces instead of tractors?

Every customer has a certain expectation or a definite idea. Our focus is on these people, their faces and their statements, as representatives for farmers, operators, fans, municipal operators and contractors, who know exactly what they need. Who stand behind what they do. And Fendt is always there with simple, clear solutions. We want to show this with faces of Fendt drivers from around the world. Because Fendt knows their needs and fulfils them – with new practical ideas.

All in all: I drive Fendt.


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Production philosophy

With the start of the Fendt ahead² project, Fendt set a clear goal: to put the world’s most modern, most efficient and most flexible factory network for tractors into operation at the Marktoberdorf and Bäumenheim locations by the end of the project. To reach this goal, however, the company did not only erect buildings. All the processes, IT systems as well as the essential elements of production technology were reassessed and optimised from beginning to end. Fendt tractors are now being produced according to completely new aspects to ensure the best possible customer orientation, quality, sustainability and efficiency.

The central Fendt production philosophies

  • Optimum material flow: A tractor is made up of some 10,000 components. According to the flow principle, almost every component arrives straight to the production area, without detours, and is immediately installed according to the individual customer order.
  • Batch size 1: All Fendt series are manufactured on only one assembly line. Assembly with a batch size of one permits the production of tractor models in a free mix.
  • Pull production: The push-pull strategy for production creates continuous customer-supplier relationships within the factory, so that customer focus is practiced up into the production process.
  • In sync with customers: Production is clearly adapted to customer demand. The high flexibility of the factory network ensures a more reliable supply.

The right format for perfect function

With the Fendt ahead² project, the production area at the Fendt location has more than doubled. Some 85.000 square meters of newly erected production infrastructure offers space for manufacturing and assembly according to lean principles. This project gave Fendt the unique opportunity to adapt the new building to the optimized production sequences and processes. In Bäumenheim, a hall for the new cab welding facility has been erected on 5,000 sqm. The heart of the Fendt ahead² project in Bäumenheim is the new assembly and logistics hall with 16,000 sqm. The Fendt location in Bäumenheim is now in the position to meet customer demands from Marktoberdorf, highly efficiently and flexibly through the production network.

Fendt spirit for individual Fendt solutions

The thinking and acting of the entire production area has been developed on a global level. The vision and clear principles went into planning the world's most modern factory network for tractors. Fendt oriented itself to the automobile and commercial vehicle industries and developed groundbreaking proprietary developments for production, which take the special requirements of the agricultural industry into account. The knowledge, experience and new ideas from the highly qualified staff went into restructuring the factory in all areas. The passion of the people, who stand behind the Fendt brand, transformed initial concepts into reality. Today Fendt itself stands for innovative production processes in the agricultural equipment industry more than ever.

IT as a Backbone

With the expansion of the Fendt production facilities, the entire IT infrastructure has been renewed. The previous system is being replaced by the latest SAP systems in all areas. Today modern solutions in server technology ensure smooth processes, from incoming orders to the delivery of tractors and from ordering to payment. IT thus forms the backbone for all processes in all areas at Fendt.

The expansion of the IT infrastructure brings new dimensions in security and flexibility to the entire processing landscape. It provides absolute stability, which is the basis for reliable daily processes in all corporate areas. Furthermore, the new IT holds the potential to allow further expansions for additional functions.

Integrated in the AGCO Corporation

Fendt now has a fully integrated solution in the global data world of the AGCO Corporation. Step by step, all locations in the corporation will be equipped with the same IT systems. Fendt plays a leading role here. After the global implementation of the systems throughout the entire corporate group, communication and negotiations from one corporate location to another will be much easier, since they will speak a common language.

Innovative spirit is the driving force!

Fendt has an ultra modern development centre. Forward-looking technologies for research, development and testing are used there and the number of employees was increased by more than a third in the past years. Fendt made considerable investments in the area of electronics development. Unique in the industry today is the 3D Virtual Reality Centre, where Fendt can examine the design, accuracy of fit and possible assembly procedure at a very early stage. The relocation of the development process into the virtual world, enables faster and better development of new technologies.

More space for Fendt research & development

A new building for Research & Development offers space for some 120 additional workplaces. Accordingly, the number of Fendt engineers has been increased by a third to about 400. With competency, expertise and pronounced innovative spirit, Fendt Research & Development continues to work on top products for the benefit of farmers and contractors around the world.

Top products for the benefit of customers

The continuing development of future-oriented products is a guarantee for the success of the Fendt brand. Fendt offers the top product in every power segment. For Research & Development, the focus has always been on bringing products onto the market that put customer's benefits first. Fendt tractors, situated in the premium segment, are practice-oriented and aligned to market requirements. Led by a high spirit of innovation, Fendt has ventured to present unconventional technological solutions time and time again. Very often these have proven to be true milestones in the industry.

Customer benefit takes top priority for every development

Fendt products are practice-oriented, economical and, with increasing technical complexity, still easy to operate. Fendt offers the top product in every power segment. Increased efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions characterise the future of agriculture. Unconventional innovations also have the potential to become true milestones in the agricultural equipment industry and change the industry favourably for the long term. Top design, top technology and top efficiency account for the perfection of Fendt products. Continual development of future-oriented products is Fendt’s guarantee for success.

Sustainability with a holistic approach

As an agricultural equipment manufacturer, Fendt takes responsibility for the environment and nature, which are the basis for sustainable farming. Holistic thinking and acting belong to the course of action at Fendt. For both production and the products, Fendt continues to work on innovative solutions to provide important benefits for the environment, nature and the social surroundings.

Taking a role in society

As the biggest employer in the region, the social environment plays a significant role for Fendt. For decades, Fendt has been commissioning a workshop for the disabled in Marktoberdorf for handling marketing materials. Fendt always provides substantial support for initiatives for youth in agriculture.

The sustainability of a product begins when it is developed and proves itself in operation

Already during the development of Fendt products, the focus is placed on materials that can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally compatible way. Furthermore, all the agricultural machinery is equipped with the environmentally-friendly SCR engine technology and has the best fuel-efficiency in the industry and therefore also the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Environmentally friendly painting technology

Paint is applied with high pressure using robots which reduces the amount of paint per tractor. The low quantities of residual paint from the spray fog, are used for wall paint f.e.. All wastewater from the factory is purified. The resulting distillate is completely reused. A significant amount of energy is saved by taking the heat from the exhaust air from the painting facilities and feeding it back into the intake air through a rotating air-to-air heat exchanger. Thanks to regenerative thermal post-combustion, only water vapour is released into the environment.


Controlled production of quality

Fendt stands for high quality. To keep the promise of high-quality to the customers every day, the production area works continuously on manufacturing perfect tractors. Quality control takes place daily, constantly and without interruption. Before a tractor leaves the factory, it is tested in various “Quality Gates” along the assembly line. In addition, the Management meets with the responsible supervisors three times a day, in the so-called Shop Floor Management Rounds, to compare the actual values with the target values - right in the middle of the production area, where everything takes place. This enables very short decision-making paths and an extremely fast reaction capacity.

Made in Germany

The production site in Germany provides decisive advantages for the premium brand Fendt. The country has been predominated by engineering and quality for decades. At Fendt, highly qualified experts in their field are at work in all areas and give their best for the product every day. In the Marktoberdorf-Bäumenheim production network, process partners work on equal terms to meet the highest demands. The supply structure is mostly German, with an accordingly professional infrastructure, and provides definitive support for Fendt's commitment to quality. Because all partners speak one language: high-tech.

The Fendt spirit is part of the corporate culture

The corporate environment and organization are the basis for Fendt’s success. Ultimately, the employees, who work hard for the overall performance of the company and with incomparable commitment, are the deciding factor. Solidarity, team spirit and the ambition of a premium brand shape the cooperation between members of the entire staff. That is the Fendt spirit that makes up the company. Fendt staff develop, produce and market the products with passion. And this passion is no coincidence: More than 60 percent of Fendt employees have close ties to farming, either through their family or their own farm. The deep understanding of customers and their needs is therefore firmly anchored within the company.

Quality through high-tech


Hydraulic test stands – quality assurance under high pressure

The high-tech tractors from Fendt have sophisticated hydraulic systems. To guarantee that the complex systems function without faults, the heavy tractor bodies are thoroughly tested on special test stands before painting. What is special is that the tractor bodies hang freely in the conveyor system. This permits excellent accessibility for installing all the testing sensors.

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    Hydraulic test stands – quality assurance under high pressure

    The high-tech tractors from Fendt have sophisticated hydraulic systems. To guarantee that the complex systems function without faults, the heavy tractor bodies are thoroughly tested on special test stands before painting. What is special is that the tractor bodies hang freely in the conveyor system. This permits excellent accessibility for installing all the testing sensors.

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    Roller and brake test stand – performance at full speed

    The high quality of the Fendt tractors is secured through various test procedures. The first driving test takes place on the roller brake test stand. In addition to the Vario transmission testing, the maximum speed is tested: 60 km/h with a vehicle weight of up to 18 tons on eight rollers. The front and rear axle brakes and the stop brake are tested on the brake test stand, then a rear and front differential test is performed.

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    Final inspection at the “right the first” point

    Before a Fendt tractor leaves the factory, it undergoes a final inspection. This is the point where it is decided whether or not the tractor meets the high quality requirements. Under 2,000 lux of light, even the smallest faults on surfaces or pipelines can be identified.

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    Accuracy in Bäumenheim from start to dispatch of the cab

    An outstanding example for the highly precise workmanship in the Fendt cabs, and unique in the agricultural equipment industry, is the automatic window pane bonding system. Robots apply adhesive to the window with the highest accuracy and then set it into the cab and bond it. This procedure ensures the highest quality and absolutely leak-proof cabs. To guarantee a consistently high quality, the cabs pass through several quality assurance testing areas before leaving the factory. The latest measuring methods and applications are used for thorough testing, for example, of all the connections as well as the workmanship of the operating controls in the interior of the cab.


Certified Fendt quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

The Fendt Quality Management System was certified by an accredited organisation, in our case TÜV, for the first time in 1995. Since then, compliance with the strict requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 has been monitored through an annual external system audit. To ensure that the requirements are met continuously, these external audits are supplemented by internal audits, which are carried out throughout the year. Quality and customer satisfaction always have the highest priority at Fendt.

Certified Fendt environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001

Due to our direct contact with nature and farming, we at Fendt have always kept an eye on our responsibility to the environment when making corporate decisions. Our environmental certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001, which we have had since March 2000, is proof for this.

Certified Fendt occupational and health safety management system OHSAS 18001

The effort we put into our Occupational and Health Safety Management System was awarded a certificate of compliance with OHSAS 18001 in April 2008. Our activities for quality, environment, occupational and health safety build the three pillars of our Integrated Management System.