Fendt e100 Vario. Our drive for the future.

The reduction of CO2 emissions is central to all our futures, and agriculture is no exception. Many agricultural enterprises generate power from renewable sources, which is financially attractive if used on the farm itself. Highcapacity battery technology is now available on the market, and is ideal for use in compact tractors. The ever-growing need to reduce noise and exhaust emissions is also a driving force behind the development of electrical systems.

For many years, Fendt has been developing practical solutions for the efficient use of electrical propulsion systems. With the Fendt e100 Vario, Fendt is introducing a practical, allelectric compact tractor with 50 kW power output, which can operate for up to 5 hours under actual operating conditions. The energy source is a 650 V high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a capacity of around 100 kWh. The battery is charged either with 400 V and up to 22 kW via a standard CEE outdoor socket, or by a supercharging option with direct voltage. With a standard CCS type 2 plug, the battery can be recharged up to 80% in just 40 minutes. In addition, energy can be recovered thanks to the use of an electric motor.

"The future is here today" wins silver.

The DLG silver medal was awarded to the Fendt E100 Vario as an all-electric tractor.

Press release

The Fendt e100 Vario allows the use of conventional as well as electrified implements. The electric tractor is fitted with two AEFcompliant power interfaces for electrical equipment. A short-term boost of up to 150 kW for the implements can be provided by the battery. A standard PTO connection is also available, as well as the normal hydraulic supply to implements. Therefore, the Fendt e100 Vario can be used with existing equipment with no additional caveats, but is also equipped to reap the benefits of using electrical implements.

The efficiency of the battery-powered tractor is increased by a completely new, energy-efficient type of thermal management. A regulated, electrical heat pump performs the task of air conditioning the cab as well as the battery and electronics. Energy management, including the tractor's battery information, can be monitored on your smartphone. You can also easily control comfort functions in advance, such as preheating in winter or air conditioning in summer, when connected to the mains supply.

Fendt e100 Vario features the easy and intuitive controls we know from Fendt Vario tractors.

The battery can be charged up to 80% within just 40 minutes.

Attachments are driven with the complete hydraulics or PTO, but can also be operated electrically at up to 150 kW at a time.

Front-mounted devices can also be driven hydraulically, electrically or by PTO.