FendtONE: The new operating concept

Smart interaction between the digital FendtONE platform and the new driver's workstation, closely linking your everyday worklife on the machine with your office tasks. All using the same standard operating logic.

Experience FendtONE Offboard

FendtONE in everyday office life

  • Manage field work, machines and staff, in the office or on the move with mobile devices
  • Create jobs and send them to the terminal in the tractor cab
  • Manage field data
  • Create job reports

Your FendtONE Onboard experience

The new driver's workstation*

  • Greater display area
  • Easier to use
  • Ready to fully customise to your needs

*Available for the first time on the Fendt 300 Vario and Fendt 700 Vario.

Merge both worlds!

It's never been so easy to manage everything

Whether on the machine or out and about – FendtONE features the same symbols and interface on all devices. This makes it extremely easy and intuitive to use. When you switch between media, you already know your way around.

FendtONE - The seamless connection of office and machine

Offboard and Onboard: wireless and realtime data transfer

FendtONE keeps your machine connected to your PC or tablet at all times. Send job orders from your device over the mobile network, and show them in realtime on the terminal in the tractor cab.

  • Continuous data synchronisation
  • Access your data wherever you are, at any time
  • Incomplete and duplicated datasets are a thing of the past

FendtONE: Ready for the future

Digitisation is the future. FendtONE is the operating system that will make things easier for you in the future:

  • First fully integrated control strategy on the market
  • Send the data wirelessly for use wherever you are 'offboard' on a variety of devices
  • Same operating concept on the machine as in the office
  • Optimising the entire work process

It's Fendt. It's ONE. FendtONE

  • The new operating philosophy that's so simple and intuitive to control and extremely user-friendly.
  • An open system with interfaces that ensure future access and connection to other systems (e.g. FMIS).
  • Enables a unique fusion of the Onboard and Offboard world, as well as location and time-independent management of data.

"Fendt's vision is to ease the farmer into these digital products so they're happy to use them on an everyday basis. Only once we've done that can we say we've achieved our goal."

Florian Langenbuch

Fendt Product Specialist for digital products

*Offboard in DE, GB, FR. With other countries to follow.