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The intelligent combination of three systems guarantees maximum ride and operating comfort: the selflevelling front axle suspension with anti-roll control, the cab suspension and the active shock load stabilising. The wasp-waist design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability and a 52° steering angle (depending on tyres). Its low vehicle weight guarantees that soil compaction is minimised during operation. The high stability of the Fendt 200 Vario results from the tractor’s low centre of gravity. The optimum traction and constant power engagement of the Vario transmission allow you to work safely and without stress, even on slopes.

Front axle suspension

The front axle, which is pushed by the torque tube, detects uneven surfaces and transmits these findings to hydraulic cylinders. The oil displaced in the cylinders presses against the nitrogen reservoirs, where the shock loads are dampened. The integral automatic self-levelling with position sensor guarantees constant suspension comfort independent of load. Anti-roll control guarantees a high degree of stability and operating safety, especially when working with heavy implements on slopes.

The front axle suspension has a total suspension travel of 80 mm along with a20° swing angle. Thanks to the level control, the suspension comfort and safety is always excellent regardless of the payload.

The 4WD and automatic differential lock is activated depending on the steering angle and speed. You can manually activate 4WD and differential lock in any situation at the touch of a button.

With a minimum vehicle height of 2,480 mm with 480/70R30 tyres, the compact Fendt 200 Vario is well-suited to being brought into low structures.

A true great - always has the right solution to any problem.

Powerful hydraulics

The hydraulic system on the Fendt 200 Vario has a high oil delivery capacity of 41 l/min as standard. Two hydraulic pumps (33 l/min + 41 l/min) each control the steering and working hydraulics separately. In the case of a high volume requirement, the two circuits can be added to give a maximum capacity of 74 l/min. The separated oil supplies for the hydraulics and gearbox prevent the oils from mixing, which is especially important if implements are changed frequently. The high oil volume of 34 litres also allows use of large skips.

Power Beyond

Power Beyond is available in the back for operating heavy-duty hydraulic machines. Full hydraulic power is directly available without any unnecessary resistance. The large-diameter pressureless return has low resistance for slight heating and efficient operation.

Strong linkage

The optional front linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 2490 daN. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for all kinds of operations. The vibration damping prevents bounce and guarantees safe driving and comfort, even when carrying heavy loads. The electrohydraulic rear linkage with a maximum lift capacity of 4,204 daN guarantees that even the heaviest mounted implements can be lifted fully.


Front power lift with swinging function on lower links. The lower link can be easily folded up for safe operation without front implements.

  • Mosaic

    Front power lift with swinging function on lower links. The lower link can be easily folded up for safe operation without front implements.

  • Mosaic

    2-line air brake, 4 EHS valves and Power Beyond. All connections can be accessed safely and conveniently despite the machine’s compact nature.

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    External control for linkage and rear PTO engagement. Mount rear implements easily and save yourself unnecessary steps, for example, when filling the slurry tank.

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    All connections in the rear mount are permanently labelled and clearly arranged. The self-closing valve flaps prevent ingress of dirt.

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    The crossgate lever controls the 1st and 2ndvalves with great precision. The flow rates can be conveniently controlled on the two control valves.

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    Convenient electrohydraulic rear power lift control with active shock load stabilising system.

True greats - Do great things together.

The Cargo 3X65 front loader is a special feature for the Fendt 200 Vario. This front loader is also "Made by Fendt". An in-house development, the Fendt Cargo 3X65 front loader has been ideally adapted to the Fendt 200 Vario tractor range. The Fendt 200 Vario and the Fendt Cargo 3X65 form the perfect unit. From the very beginning, all the dimensions and forces of the Cargo have been explicitly designed for the compact Fendt 200 Vario. This ensures exceptional visibility with a balanced force and load distribution. All maintenance work can be carried out on the mounted front loader without anything getting in the way. All these benefits provide you with the ultimate in operating safety.

Operation made easy

The front loader can be conveniently controlled by the electrical crossgate lever. Your left hand remains free for steering and reversing. You control the speed with your foot. The VarioActive superimposed steering system gives the Fendt 200 Vario unrivalled agility.


With the Fendt Cargo Lock, you can mount and remove the Cargo front loader from your Fendt 200 Vario even faster and easier. Thanks to the semi-automatic lock, you no longer need to insert locking bolts, which is often difficult and heavy work. The system also offers optimum operating safety immediately after driving into it.

Optimised front loader suspension

The Fendt Cargo front loader has an optimised damping system. Gas accumulators absorb vibrations and jolts. The damping system is tailored for maximum comfort in combination with the front axle and cab suspension. This system reliably protects both people and material.

The multi-coupler couples the electrical and hydraulic lines in just one movement. Despite its compact size, the Fendt Cargo 3X65 offers good lift heights and load widths.

The streamlined bonnet design gives you a clear view of your tool. The standard roof window gives you an excellent overhead view.

A lever on the quick-attach frame conveniently unlocks the tool with one turn. During mounting, the tool automatically locks when fully tilted.