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FendtONE - The seamless connection of office and machine

FendtONE – seamlessly connecting office and machine

Consistent and intuitive operating philosophy

For the first time, the new FendtONE platform merges your machines and your office into one control unit. FendtONE combines the familiar operation of the tractor with the terminal for planning or control tasks that classically would take place in the office. You can schedule field data and orders on your computer or smart device wherever you are, and send them to your machine. The view from the driver's cab and online (from the office or on the move) is always the same. FendtONE helps you comply with legal documentation requirements and optimises your entire work processes.

Practical advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive and uniform operation (same buttons in the same place with the same icons)
  • Centralised maintenance of master data (field data, machines, etc.)
  • Easily send data to the machine terminal and vice versa – wherever, whenever.
  • Open and vendor-independent system, with the option to manage mixed fleets
  • Customers retain ownership of their data

Choose from 4 modules

A total of 4 modules are available, which you can select as needed:

  • Guidance system
  • Agronomy
  • Telemetry
  • Machine control

Each module includes a basic package of the startup applications you need. You can also extend the modules with optional extras.