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Perfect coordination for the best drive.

Power and reliability

The tried and proven six-cylinder Deutz engine on the Fendt 700 Vario delivers 150 to 246 hp with a top speed of 50 km/h. With a 6.1 litre cubic capacity, 4 valves per cylinder and common rail injections, the engine delivers a high-torque driving experience. The compact high-horsepower tractor is designed for maximum performance and load capacity. The engine and transmission are ideally coordinated, so that a high overall efficiency can be achieved.

Economical and environmentally friendly

Every litre counts. The Fendt 700 Vario is equipped with the SCR exhaust technology and is especially fuel-efficient and complies with the emissions standard EURO Stage V. The passive diesel particulate filter, which does not require additional injection of fuel for regeneration, saves fuel. With perfect engine and trans- mission coordination, the new Fendt 700 Vario delivers full performance in the field and on the road.

Economical and low-maintenance

The fuel pre-filter with thermostatic valve allows the tractor to start reliably, even at temperatures well below zero, since the pre-warmed fuel flows from the return into the prefilter. The radiator and filter are arranged for ease of maintenance. The fuel and AdBlue consumption indicator not only monitors the current consumption, but also logs the consumption for different operations. Furthermore, it assists the operator in maintaining an efficient driving style.

Exhaust gas after-treatment

With SCR technology, exhaust is after-treated with AdBlue®, a 32.5 percent solution of urea, which converts nitrous oxides NOx into non-toxic nitrogen and water. The external exhaust gas recirculation (AGRex) already reduces nitrogen oxides before they reach the exhaust line, so AdBlue® can be used very sparingly.

Diesel particulate filter Coated Soot Filter (CSF)

The passive coated soot filter is regenerated while driving and does not need to be actively started. No additional fuel is required for regeneration.

Popular, proven, perfect: The Fendt Vario transmission.

Because only with the continuously-variable Fendt Vario transmission can you drive at the ideal speed for your work. You can drive from 0.02 km/h to a maximum speed of 50 km/h, exactly, without steps. And all this while you're in relaxed control of your tractor with the multifunction joystick. Reduced maintenance costs through longer transmission oil change intervals, every 2,000 hours, have an especially positive impact. The separate oil supply protects the transmission from mixing with the oil and becoming contaminated.

Perfect driving is stepless.

The Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45 degrees and have a high operating pressure of max. 550 bar – this ensures exceptional efficiency.

Well-balanced and efficient with TMS

Frequently changing operations are on the agenda for an all-rounder. Whether for transport or heavy draft work, the Fendt 700 Vario has been designed for ideal performance, low fuel consumption and reduced wear on components. The tractor management system TMS controls the engine and transmission so that they are always working at an economical optimum without you having to think about it. You just have to specify the desired speed.

Go to the limit with full power

Features, such as the automatic maximum output control 2.0, further reduce fuel consumption, since the engine is always running in the ideal speed range. The load limit, which is different for each operation, is regulated automatically. The limit no longer needs to be entered manually and the engine and transmission are always perfectly coordinated. In kick-down mode, the tractor accelerates swiftly and convinces through lively handling.

Thanks to the TMS tractor management system and the automatic maximum output control, the tractor automatically adjusts the engine speed.

The right speed with the 1000E economy PTO

No matter which PTO implement you are using, on the Fendt 700 Vario you can demand power exactly when it is needed. Four PTO speeds with 540, 540E, 1000 and 1000E rpm are available. The new 1000E PTO provides optimal power transmission for implements with a high speed demand and simultaneously a low power requirement, for example, operations with a rotary harrow, slurry pump or plant protection sprayer.

Many paths – one goal: arrive quickly and safely.

The front axle has a suspension system as standard, with suspension characteristics specially adapted to heavy-duty traction on the field. By consistently avoiding power-hopping, the tractive power on the front axle can be increased by up to 7% (unlike without suspension).

The driving mode can be selected individually: The speed can be controlled with either the pedal or the joystick.

Travel direction can be changed with either the joystick or the reverser lever on the steering column switch. Especially practical: the integrated Stop-and-Go function.

The design of the suspension enables maximum ride comfort in the field and on the road. The combination of front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension, which provide a driving sensation on par with passenger cars, was adopted from the high-horsepower tractors.

Shock load stabilising prevents the tractor and implement from bouncing by actively counteracting movements using the hydraulics. It reduces pitching movements so you benefit from improved steering safety and higher ride comfort.

Superimposed steering system VarioActive

In relation to the standard setting, with VarioActive one only needs approx. 60% fewer turns of the steering wheel for the same wheel angle. With VarioActive, you profit through the faster reaction of the steering during tight turning manoeuvres at the headlands or during front loader work. For reasons of safety, it can only be used from 0 – 25 km/h.

Without VarioActive

With VarioActive

1x turn of the steering wheel = 26,6°

1x turn of the steering wheel = 43,3°

Steering axle lock

The optional automatic steering axle lock automatically unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers with self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigid self-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators do not need to lock the self-steering axle manually outside of the preselected speed range and when reversing.