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A pick-up that doesn’t miss anything.

Pick-up for maximum output

The highest possible output can only be attained if you start with a perfect forage pick-up system. When it comes to Fendt round balers, this is guaranteed by a high-performance cam-track-free pick-up facility with a width of 2.4 m. The special geometry of the segment sheets and ideal angle of the extra-long tines have removed the difficulty from controlling cam tracks. Consequently, the pick-up contains fewer moving and wearing parts, runs smoother and is easier to maintain.

Close to the rotor

Thanks to the very compact design, the pick-up is situated close to the rotor. This simplifies the process in which the forage is transferred from the pick-up to the rotor and aids the crop flow. This advantage becomes particularly evident in situations involving short and slightly brittle material: the material is fed into the bale chamber more efficiently whilst protecting the crop. The optimal crop flow enables you to compress one perfect bale after another and achieve a high hourly output.

The tines are decisive

The tines are the basic components of the pick-up. Its special work angle collects the forage in a manner that ensures that the sward remains protected. The diameter of 5.6 mm makes for an extremely long service life. Thanks to the large coil, the tines are very flexible. The robust manner in which the tines are fastened ensures that they do not break, as the voltage level is distributed evenly.

Five tine bars

The absence of cam shafts and cam followers frees up additional space. This is why the pick-up now has five tine bars. In order to facilitate optimal forage pick-up, the tine gap was set to the extremely low level of 64 mm. This ensures that no unused stalks are left behind in the field. Two lateral feed screws are also factory installed.

The series includes the double-sided feed screws. Thanks to their large shaft diameter, they never unravel the crop. Instead, they supply the crop directly to the rotor.

The Roller pressure pad is also a standard feature of the variable balers and ensure optimal supply.

Thanks to the small gap between the pick-up and the rotor, the forage is transferred both gently and reliably. Thanks to the V-shape, the bale chamber is filled evenly, which in turn leads to top-notch bales.

Cut your forage as per your requirements.

Perfect rotors for high output

Fendt’s four round baler models feature four different rotors, which in turn ensure that the system is compatible with the area of application in question. The rotor speed is 134 rpm. The v-shaped arrangement of the conveying fingers ensures that the bale chamber is filled up evenly. Depending on the performance class, the compactors are equipped with either a firmlyscrewed floor or a hydroflex floor.

Full flexibility: XtraCut 13 & XtraCut 17

Fendt round balers use either the XtraCut 13 or XtraCut 17 rotor. These two-finger rotors have been designed for the highest possible output and longest possible service life. In case of the XtraCut 13, you can decide whether or not you want to use a cutting table. The flexible HydroflexControl cutting floor is always fitted into these models. The XtraCut 17 rotor attains a theoretical cutting length of 67.5 mm and offers a knife group engagement containing 0, 8, 9 or 17 knives. Dummy knives that make it possible to work without using knives are delivered for all round balers with cutting table. These dummy knives prevent crumbling losses and protect the cutting table from wear and tear.

Quality of the cut for discerning producers: XtraCut 25

When it comes to output and the quality of the cut, the Fendt XtraCut 25 rotor scores highest in Fendt’s line-up of round balers: The v-shaped four-star rotor has been designed for very large harvests. In situations requiring very thin layers, it feeds the bale chamber with a cutting length of 45 mm, which in turn results in high-density bales. Hydroflex is always factory-installed in this case as well. There is a hydraulic knife group containing 0, 12, 13 or 25 knives.

Cutting with the longest knife

Fendt’s XtraCut models that are equipped with cutting tables feature the longest knife in the market, which in turn results in the best possible quality of cut. There is a hydropneumatic knife protection facility featuring two pressure accumulators, whose preload is 40 bar. This increases the service life of the round balers. If the knives can no longer move into the working position, e.g. because of contamination, a pressure of 180 bar can be applied temporarily. The elaborate task of scraping the knife slits gives way to the simple touch of a button on the control unit.

With a theoretical cutting length of 45 or 90 mm, the XtraCut 25 rotor facilitates huge outputs and gives rise to thin layers.

With a speed of 134 rpm, the XtraCut 17 rotor offers a theoretical cutting length of 67.5 or 135 mm.

The feed rotor is available with either a fixed cutting floor or the flexible hydroflex cutting floor.

The 4160 V Xtra and 4180 V Xtra models feature a hydraulic knife group engagement containing 0, 12, 13 and 25 knives.

Consistently smooth supply with Hydroflexcontrol.

Spring-mounted, lowerable

The first component is the permanent suspension of the cutting floor, which is known as ‘Flex’. A spring can be used to gently swing the cutting floor upwards and downwards. This ensures that the cutting floor can respond to fluctuating forage quantities. ‘Hydro’ is the second component of the system. This component involves two hydraulic cylinders, which make it possible to hydraulically open the floor from the cab at the touch of a button, in order to either eliminate blockages or change knives. Hydroflexcontrol enables you to move the machine over a long period of time hand in hand with high output.

Non-stop compaction

Supply blockages are almost completely ruled out, even in difficult conditions. When the output keeps rising, the intelligent cutting floor found in Fendt round balers prevents blockages through its freedom of movement. This effective anti-lock braking system allows stress-free compaction with high daily outputs.

Two parts, singular comfort

In order to be able to make perfect use of the round baler throughout the day, blockages must be prevented before they occur. The Hydroflexcontrol system in Fendt round balers ensures that this happens. 80% of blockages are reliably and effectively prevented through the interaction between two components, which in turn allows high daily output.

The Flexcontrol load relief system reliably prevents blockages.

In the event of a blockage, the rear part of the cutting floor is lowered by 500 mm.

The power drive, which gets everything started.

Clear structure

The right side of the Fendt round balers houses the rotor drive, which is associated with a duplex chain. The bale chamber drive is on the left-hand side. The tracks are manufactured by Tsubaki; they are top-quality, durable items. The free wheel sprocket guarantees safety: If the transmission shaft is stopped or the rotor abruptly comes to a standstill because of a blockage, the free wheel facilitates a gradual deceleration of the bale rotation. This ensures that the main drive components are reliably protected against damage caused by abruptly stopping.

More power with Power split

All models are fitted with a Power Split gearbox. The power-split transmission gearbox is a divided drive concept that distributes the required power to the rotor and chamber drive perfectly evenly. The input speed here is once again 540 rpm. In models without cutting floor, a 1650 Nm shear pin clutch guarantees safety. In the models with cutting floor, a free wheel clutch also protects the drive train with 1950 Nm.

Very simple maintenance

Fendt round balers ensure that you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. The light swing-up side flaps make it very easy to reach the maintenance points. The automatic track lubrication system - which is driven via the power take-off - always reliably applies the desired quantity of oil to the tracks. This extends the lifetime and guarantees smooth motion. The bearings of the drive and guide rollers are quickly and easily lubricated with the help of a central lubricating bar. There is no need to spend too much time searching for the lubrication points.

The composite lubrication bars make maintenance easy, and allow you convenient access to the lubrication points.

The free wheel sprocket ensures that the drive train is protected against damage in the event of a rotor blockage.

Fendt round balers make exclusive use of quality chains.

The Power Split gearbox runs at a PTO speed of 540 rpm.